Brokeback Capitol Hill: Lindsay Graham Reduces John McCain to Tears – Are They Homos?

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
March 6, 2017

Lindsay Graham and his beau John McCain spent an hour agitating for war with Russia on a Soviet-style CNN fake news Town Hall last week. The audience was stacked with the 1% of Americans who think we should start another Cold War with Russia over unproven allegations that they guessed the password to John Podesta’s e-mail, and McGraham was in their element.

At this event, there was Trump-bashing galore, accompanied by roaring applause, but also behavior like the above video that is weird in the context of these two.

The bizarre, often self-contradicting and fiendish cucking by both McCain and Graham points to more than just getting bribed. One look at Graham and you know this twinkly-eyed weirdo is some kind of sexual deviant. In the case of his Octogenarian partner McCain, any normal corrupt Washington scumbag would’ve retired by now.

If you just looked at Google Images of the two together, without knowing who they were, you would automatically assume they were a gay couple. This is self-evident. 

A slightly different but parallel precedent comes to mind with the case of the “Cambridge Five.” The Jew Arnold Deutsch was able to tap into the network of Cambridge homosexuals, and “compel” elite British queer like Sir Anthony Blunt and Guy Burgess into funneling documents and influencing policy for the benefit of the USSR. In the case of John Vassall, the KGB raised the specter of revealing his homosexual activity in order to bend him to their will. There are countless other cases, but the relationship between homosexuality and betrayal of country (either due to general mindset, or outright blackmail) is by no means arbitrary.

Still, there is nothing but circumstantial evidence against McCain. A few weeks ago I wrote about how John McCain’s former Chief of Staff, Mark Buse, is an award winning homo – odd for a Conservative in 2009. I also mentioned his bizarre and callous comments towards Ashton Kutcher’s sex appeal while the celebrity tried to get Congress to do something about child sex trafficking, his apparently homosexual daughter, as well as the self-admitted homosexual activity that went on in his POW camp in Vietnam.

John’s daughter Meghan is apparently a BBW dyke.

Now people have unearthed yet another thread from back in 2009, and in the game of “Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon,” we can reduce it to one degree of John McCain when speaking of disgusting perverts. I give you Jeffrey Claude Bartleson, a man who was not in the GOP to any extent, yet was a manager in John McCain’s 2008 campaign, and was arrested for sexually abusing 5-year-old children.

This story was buried in 2009, but has recently been making the rounds.

Being a fag might hurt Lindsay Graham in Evangelical heavy South Carolina, but it’s not that taboo in Arizona. Rumors of John McCain being a gross sodomite and/or pedophile continue to mount. What other reason could there be for their obsessive anti-Republican pot-stirring and calls for suicidal wars?

There’s nothing wrong with loving a male friend, or waxing great words about him, but in the special case of McGraham, you can’t help but feel suspicion superstructured upon more suspicion.

Perhaps Donald Trump could take a lesson from Obama’s playbook and put wiretaps on these two, then release the intelligence through the Daily Stormer or Breitbart. Such an endeavor could finally retire these Jew sycophants for good.