Bro Dude Bro Weed Bro

Do you want to become Canada? Because this is how you become Canada.

It’s 4/20, bro, so that means it’s time for USA Today to promote smoking weed.

Yes, USA Today, legal weed is going to go mainstream.

The government is going to subsidize it, I guarantee.

Fentanyl is also going to go mainstream.

Just like in San Francisco, cops are going to stop arresting people for possessing and doing hard drugs in public places in this new realm we live in post-lockdown.

“Hey buddy, you want some clean needles and crap? I got that crap.”

Every city is going to look like San Francisco.

You’re gong to have tens of millions of new homeless, and they’re virtually all going to be white and on intravenous opioids.

This lockdown really is intended as a killshot to the white race in America. The middle class is going to be completely wiped out, small businesses will be crushed, young people will see that there is no future and turn to drugs, then they can just ship in Mexicans and Indians to live in our houses while we’re living on the streets.

I don’t think it is actually going to work out that way, because the consequences of this cannot possibly be foreseen, and it is likely that the entire system will collapse and the US government will have to retreat to the Northeast.

Whichever thing happens, we’re in for a very rocky ride for the next decade or so. After that, we’ll either all be dead, or we’ll be living in an awesome post-apocalyptic wasteland kidnapping sex slaves for our breeding farms.

I just want you to understand this: you need to imagine the worst possible outcome you can think of, and then imagine it is that times six million. This is going to be extreme.

Brace yourselves.