British ZOG-Police Teach Saudis How to do Tyranny

Greve Hans
Daily Stormer
June 9, 2016


The eternal

The British are famous for their intelligence services, Lawrence of Arabia being an iconic image that they seem to want to spread. What they do not want to spread is how this power is used in Britain to crush any opposition to the disgusting Jew’s absolute domination of the extinguished empire.

I’ve heard stories of people in Britain with wrong views being arrested by the police and beaten bloody behind the curtains and others getting offers they can’t refuse.

With this in mind, it should not be surprising that the treasonous Government of Britain, filled with Paki-loving masons and puppets, has decided to aid Saudi Arabia in shutting down opposition to the King’s tyrannic, Islamist rule. The very same King that funds the spreading of Salafi Islam to the west.


British police are teaching Saudi officers hi-tech crime detection techniques that could lead to the “torture and execution” of pro-democracy activists, a human rights charity claims.

Reprieve says a “scandalous” internal police document released under Freedom of Information laws shows Saudi personnel have been trained in detective work and high-tech forensics at England and Wales’ College of Policing.

The report shows college bosses recognized there was a risk “the skills being trained are used to identify individuals who later go on to be tortured or subjected to other human rights abuses.”

But there was also concern expressed that if the college declined to support the training, there might be “wider risks to UK partnerships and trade.”

According to the documents, the objectives of the training were diplomatic, development and security benefits, and highlighted how cooperation with Saudi Arabia on counter-terrorism had helped find a printer cartridge bomb in a cargo plane at East Midlands Airport in 2010.

The training the British give the tyrannic Saudis will be used to crush any opposition with an iron fist. These are the same people who gave us Osama bin Laden and ISIS. And the British are supposed to help them?

Trust us goys, we know what we’re doing.

Saudi Arabia is a country whose oil will soon dry up, and when that happens the Saudi dynasty will fall. Right now, Saudi Arabia is the most obese country in the world due to them also having one of the world’s most generous welfare systems.


Average fat Saudi sharia enforcers

This makes almost all of them dependent on the state, which enables the Saudis to keep power. That along with modern Western military equipment (which most of them can barely use) and Colombian mercenaries.

You think ISIS is bad? Just wait until the Saudi dynasty finally collapses.