British Woman Goes on Magical Kayak Adventure Through Diversityland

Daily Stormer
September 23, 2017

Emma Kelty liked to go on adventures, because she was a strong and independent woman who didn’t need no man

This shriveled pair of ovaries wrote about her newest adventure on her blog, where she made it clear that she was aware she’s going through a place run by drug barons and organ traffickers, and didn’t think much of it. That didn’t turn out as well as she thought, did it?

Daily Mail:

The family of British adventurer Emma Kelty were mistakenly told she had been murdered two weeks before she was killed by pirates in Brazil, it was reported today.

When the canoeist found out about the scare, which happened while she was still in Peru, she joked: ‘Let’s hope it’s not a premonition!’

Let’s hope you saying ‘Let’s hope it’s not a premonition!’ isn’t a premonition. Oh wait, it was!

 James Contos, a whitewater kayaing guide who assisted Ms Kelty during the first part of her ‘source to sea’ expedition of the Amazon, told how, on August 28, he received news that she had been murdered near the city of Iquitos.

One of the indigenous guides who had been with her in the Andes also told him that the canoeist’s body had been found.

Mr Contos contacted her brother Piers to break the tragic news, who told friends and started the process of making contact with the British Embassy in Peru.

He told Brazil’S G1 website: ‘However, I thought it seemed strange, because Emma’s last posts put her a long way from where the body was found.’

He said: ‘There had been a mix-up in identifying the body. There were three other sports people following in kayaks a little behind Emma and it could have been one of them, but that’s not been verified yet.

‘The news that it was Emma’s corpse was wrong. She was well and already in Brazil when I managed to get in touch with her.’

Meh, they were only off by a couple of weeks and a few hundred kilometers.

Just two weeks later, and 89 days into her 4,000 mile trip, Ms Kelty’s family received the same news that she had been killed, which this time turned out to be true.

Ms Kelty, 43, contacted Mr Contos last year after finding out his SierraRios organisation provides support and training to people wanting to kayak down the Andes mountains where the Amazon river begins.

A 43-year old childless woman gets brutally murdered by the diversity she most likely worshiped, and you’re wondering why I’m so cheerful ?

 Mr Contos supported her for the next 43 days from the beginning of the journey to the base of the Andes, where she continued her trip alone.

He said: ‘She wasn’t a very competent canoeist in whitewater rapids. She was determined to do everything by her own strength and didn’t want to use the raft on some places that were difficult to pass. One time, it two days for her to pass just one rapids.’

From the beginning Ms Kelty had decided she wanted to do the expedition unassisted, and the support she had contracted by SierraRios ended on July 30.

Not only was she wasting her life doing useless shit – she sucked at it too!

Horrific new details of the last moments of Emma Kelty’s life were revealed yesterday in a confession made by one of the suspects shortly after the British kayaker’s death.

Evanilson Gomes da Costa was found dead after going on the run in the wake of the murder having reportedly been shot by rival drug traffickers.

These are the “people” who did it:

They look like good boys who dindu nuffin

But before he died – and just hours after the death of Miss Kelty – the 24-year-old told a local villager what the gang had done, it has been claimed.

One of the men, Artur Gomes da Silva, claimed he tried to decapitate the headteacher with a machete.

José Afonso Barradas Jr, police chief in the city of Coari, northwestern Brazil, said: ‘He claimed he tried to cut her head off with a machete but failed.’

How do you “fail” to cut someone’s head of with a machete? It’s not exactly brain surgery…

The villager said da Costa had told him how his gang had come across Miss Kelty’s tent and, believing it to belong to drug traffickers, had opened fire from 50m away.

The unnamed villager added: ‘The woman was hit in the arm. She started waving frantically and screaming for help.’

But still believing she was transporting drugs, they approached the tent and started attacking her, cutting off her hair with a knife as they ordered to hand over narcotics.

This sounds like an honest mistake.I’m sure the Amazonian jungle is filled with White woman carrying drugs…

One of the group then slit her throat before all four men ‘sexually abused her’, the villager said.

Her body was then dumped in the Amazon before the men fled. Villagers provided police with their details and identities, he added.

It comes after it emerged that a man arrested over the murder has admitted to slitting her throat and throwing her bullet-riddled body into a river, police say.

Wasting your life doing pointless things that no one cares about and then getting gang-raped and tortured to death by a bunch of subhumans sounds a lot more meaningful and dignified than being a housewife and taking care of your kids, doesn’t it?

Investigators had first thought the emergency alert which pinpointed Emma Kelty’s exact location and triggered a search operation by Brazil’s Navy had been sent by the victim herself.

But in fact the ‘SOS’ button was pressed by one of her killers who was trying to work out how to use the device they had stolen, an hour and a half after her death.

Police have now recovered the GPS device, as well as a mobile phone and a memory card.

Yesterday Barradas said he doubted anyone would have discovered what happened to Ms Kelty if the ‘stupid’ gangsters hadn’t set off her emergency locator by mistake.

He said: ‘They didn’t know how it worked, so were messing around with it and pushing buttons.

‘One of them must have pushed the button which transmitted an alert that she was in trouble. In turn the company that received it alerted the Navy, along with the exact location of where the button was pushed.

‘Without that, it would have been very difficult to know where in this vast area of jungle she had gone missing.

‘It would have probably remained an unsolved mystery and her killers never brought to justice.

‘The place where she disappeared is a very complicated area, it’s difficult to access and there are no telephones or mobile signal. The criminals thought they could kill her in impunity, but then they stupidly pressed the only button which could have turned them in to the police.’

Hey look, there’s some good news! The diversitards will kill you, but will then be too stupid to actually get away with it! I knew there was an upside to this!

But yeah, no loss here. Just a dumb bitch dying a dumb death.