British Terrorist Calls for Bombing Putin’s Crimean Bridge

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
May 17, 2018

There are only two things that modern-day conservatives are allowed to criticize: nationalists and Russia.

In fact, you can basically let rip with all your suppressed feelings of machismo us vs them patriotism…so long as the target is Russia and those ebil neon-nazis who want migrants out of their countries.

There is no way in hell this level of open hostility would be tolerated for any other group except one with White skin in the modern world.


Russia’s opening of a bridge to Crimea, a former part of Ukraine which officials in Kiev consider rightfully theirs, requires a swift bombing raid by Ukraine’s air force, believes a conservative US commentator.

The bold suggestion to the Ukrainian government to escalate a conflict with a much more powerful nation came on Tuesday from Tom Rogan, a prolific British-educated conservative commenter with the Washington Examiner. The Washington DC-based journalist sees the bridge, which was opened by Russian President Vladimir Putin, not as a major infrastructure feature. No – it’s Putin’s way to mark Crimea as his own, the journalist says.

“This bridge is an outrageous affront to Ukraine’s very credibility as a nation. Of course, from Putin’s perspective that’s the whole point,” he wrote. “The bridge cost Russia’s near-bankrupt government billions of dollars, but it offers Putin a formal physical and psychological appropriation of Ukrainian territory.”

And there you have it.

Russia is the biggest problem that the US faces – and this is something both the liberals and the conservatives both agree on.

Whatever happened to “building bridges, not walls”?

Looks to me like Putin legit built a bridge. 

But no, I guess that’s not the kind of bridge ZOG had in mind.

Funny enough, I don’t think this guy, Tom Rogan, is a kike. In fact, he seems to have had the standard busy-body paper-pushing march through Conservatism Inc. that most “conservatives” have gone through in the West.

He is a former writer for the National Review, however. So he’s worse than a Jew. Dare I say it, he’s a Buckleyite.

Most conservatives legit have a little Jew in their brains – but that doesn’t mean that they’re same as Jews.

This is an important distinction.

Most Jews are clever and practice pilpul to achieve their aims. 

Goys, even if they’re on the wrong side of an issue, tend to be more blunt and direct.

Think John McCain, or John Bolton just endlessly calling for war, war, war. Smash, smash, smash.

Sometimes I feel like they embarrass their kike handlers, who are all like, “bro, cool it with the anti-Russian remarks.”

Quit it Tom, they’ve still got nukes. Take it easy, big guy.