British Report Says Evil Brown People Oppress Innocent Atheists

This man is capable of being oppressed by the blacks because of ideology.

We hear nonstop about how only white people can be oppressors, how we are fundamentally and biologically driven to oppression, etc.

But it turns out, in the right context, brown people can be oppressors too.

The Guardian:

Atheists and humanists are facing discrimination and persecution in some countries because of their beliefs and values, according to a new report.

Non-religious people in Colombia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines and Sri Lanka are often ostracised, and some women are forced into marriages, says Humanists At Risk: Action Report 2020, published on Thursday by Humanists International.

Evidence is growing that humanist and atheist activists are being targeted on the basis of their rejection of a majority religion or their promotion of human rights, democratic values and critical thinking, it says.

Mubarak Bala, president of the Humanist Association of Nigeria, was last month arrested after being accused of blasphemy, which carries the death penalty. Bala, the son of a widely regarded Islamic scholar, has been an outspoken religious critic in a staunchly conservative region of the country.

“To speak out and say you’re an atheist or humanist in Nigeria can be dangerous, but Bala is very passionate about creating a space for those who do not subscribe to Islam or religion,” said Leo Igwe, a fellow Nigerian humanist and human rights advocate.

A range of tactics is used against humanists, atheists and non-religious people, says the report, which was funded by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office. They include the criminalisation of blasphemy and apostasy, impunity for attacks, social isolation and discrimination.

I’m sure if you pressed these people on how it is that brown people, who are the victims of the universe, can also be oppressors, they would throw out some complex Marxist gibberish about “internalized white supremacy” leading brown folk to believe in God.

But the actual truth of the matter isn’t some Marxist gibberish. The truth of the matter is that there is no internal consistency within the globalist system. Their stated morality is simply a means to an end, and the end is pushing the Jewish agenda.

They will say white people are an evil race, but that is simply a way to attack Christian-based civilization, which is a product of the white race. The Jews want global godlessness because they believe that they themselves are gods and should be worshiped as such.

All of this ideology gibberish is just filler designed to move people along to the end goal of a global Satanic Jewish dictatorship.