British Puppet Show Attacked for Greta Puppet, Told She is Above Reproach

Mocking Greta is viewed as a form of blasphemy.


UK satire show Spitting Image has been savaged online after unveiling a puppet of teen climate crusader Greta Thunberg that some claim mocked her autism. With no episodes of the show yet released, others questioned the outrage.

BritBox TV’s reprisal of the political puppet satire attracted major backlash after unveiling its Thunberg puppet on Tuesday – a typically-absurd looking construct exaggerating the pint-size eco-warrior’s furrowed brow, hectoring finger, and braided pigtails.

The show originally ran for 12 years before being canceled in 1996 and is set to return next month with contemporary characters.

While every puppet gets the production’s signature grotesque-caricature treatment, critics on social media nevertheless tore into the still-unaired new series for its portrayal of Thunberg.

The 17-year-old’s autism makes her off limits, many argued.

Yes – she has autism, so that means that this most aggressive political actor can never be criticized.

Look at these sluts:

Criticizing the most celebrated political figure of all time, a figure who was rubbed in the face of the entire world for an entire year straight, is “punching down.” Because she’s retarded.

This is what they always do: they create these figures who are beyond reproach to push an agenda, thus the agenda they are pushing becomes beyond reproach.

They did this with Barack Obama, where every single person who disagreed with him was called a racist.

The most extreme case other than Greta herself was probably David Hogg, a repugnant crisis actor who demanded that Americans surrender their guns. This little faggot was dragged across the TV, his whiny gay-voice smeared in everyone’s faces for months on end – and anyone who responded to him was accused of “attacking a child.”

Alex Jones’ run-in with him in February of 2018 was a big part of what led to his ban from everything later that year.

Alex was told that he couldn’t respond to Hogg, while Hogg was on Twitter saying this:

In a now-deleted tweet (all of his tweets are deleted), Alex mentioned that CNN was attempting to use his interaction with Hogg to shut him down.

Oliver Darcy, an Iranian dissident CNN journalist who attacks opponents of war with Iran (he’s the same guy who got Tucker Carlson’s writer fired), was the one pushing the issue on Alex. Darcy engaged in a months-long campaign to use the standard set by the banning of this writer to get Alex Jones banned.

Alex was eventually banned from YouTube and Facebook as a result of the Darcy campaign. Then a couple of weeks later, he was banned from Twitter after he saw Darcy in public and yelled at him for getting him banned.

Here’s that video:

Really weird series of events, frankly.

They make saints out of these ostensibly unimpeachable figures, and they go on to push an unhinged agenda on society.

I feel so often in writing on this site that I’m teaching preschool. But someone has to say it:

It is impossible for a public figure to be above reproach in a free society. When a public figure is pushing a political agenda, that political agenda has to be subjected to criticism, because that is the nature of a free society. If a person such as the retarded freak Greta Thunberg doesn’t want to be criticized, she should not be a public figure.

Designing specific figures so as to make them above reproach and using them to push an agenda is effectively doing an end-run around the nature of a free society, showing again that as much as these globalists talk about how the West is free and thus must spread freedom to places like China and Belarus, they despise the freedoms we do have and constantly seek to use legalism to undermine them.

This woman aggressively attacked the entirety of Western civilization. She did it with vicious hatred. She condemned all of us.

She is a disgusting, savage demon.

She continues to nag every chance she gets, and she is promoted by CNN as an expert political commentator.

In May of this year, CNN literally put her on an “expert panel” for a coronavirus discussion. She was billed as an expert on coronavirus.

She was lecturing people about masks.

Promoting this deformed monstrosity to push a globalist agenda by telling her in 12 years the world is going to burn up if everyone doesn’t start eating bugs is the most cynical thing that anyone has ever done.

The basic idea that teenagers are more wise than adults in their 50s and 60s and have a right to lecture them is in itself possibly one of the most offensive ideas that the Jews have produced.

I doubt the show even mocks her.