British Nationalist Richard Edmonds Dead at 77

One of the last adults in white nationalism has died.

Richard Edmonds was a massive figure, physically and figuratively. I got the opportunity to meet him once, and he watched a speech I gave. At one point, he interrupted me and said, “you’ve got to be careful, there’s a race act.”

It was a great honor to be visited and reprimanded by such a man as this.

Richard was fluent in several different languages, including Russian, French and German, and spent his life traveling the continent to spread awareness among the people. As recently as January, he was giving speeches, and presumably only stopped because of this virus hoax. Probably, he died because he was forced to stop his work.

He had been involved in nationalism full time since the 1980s, after having been forced out of his job. He devoted his entire self to what no doubt seemed like a lost cause, despite the fact that he was a professional who could have been doing a lot of other things.

He’s a testament to the fact that intelligent people support our cause, and we would have much better luck if more intelligent men simply had this level of bravery.

He died at his home in Sutton, South London on the morning of December 23.

Richard was 77.

Rest in peace.