British MPs Mobilize Against Elderly White Man Harassed by Black Woman on a Plane

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 21, 2018

RACIST MAN REFUSES TO SIT NEXT TO ELDERLY BLACK WOMAN on Ryanair flight calling victim an UGLY BLACK BASTARD and Ryanair – DOES NOTHING!!! #Racist #whitesupremecy #ryanair #BLACKHISYORYMONTH #racehate #nationalhatecrimeawarenessweek

Gepostet von David Lawrence am Freitag, 19. Oktober 2018

The video above shows a Ryanair flight taking off from Barcelona and bound for London, upon which a white man gets fed up with the behavior of a black female and calls her an “ugly black bastard.”

The filming starts after this ugly black bastard did whatever she did to enrage the man, and the viewer is left to believe he just started yelling at her for no reason. And of course, NPCs do believe stuff like this, because they are programmed to.

There is absolutely zero chance that the man just started screaming. This black did something aggressive towards him. Based on what he was saying (the accent is difficult for me), she refused to get up to let him access the overhead compartment.

And I’m sure “general negro fatigue” was also part of it, and he was at least a little bit taking out the frustrations he has with the entire invasion of Britain by disgusting nonwhites. This is perfectly natural enough.

Anyway, yeah – full witch hunt in progress.

A whole bunch of British Members of Parliament have now come out and attacked the poor man.

It is incredible that the government of Britain is willing to come out and attack their own people in order to protect the honor of a disgusting African monkey.

Who do these people work for?

The Jews?

Because it sure seems like they work for the Jews.