British MP Goes Off on the Death Shot, Reads Out Hate Facts About Vax Safety

A British MP, Sir Christopher Chope, has gone all out citing facts about the deadly vaccine before Parliament.

Last week, the gentleman read off a series of hate facts about the vax, and concluded that it is above and beyond the most deadly vaccine ever released.

He also put a very fine point on the fact that the UK government is outright refusing to publish any of the data about deaths and adverse events from the vax, and that it is likely very much worse than we know.

This is of course the same tactic that every country is taking – they are either completely refusing to record any data about the deaths and other harm from the vax – which is what the US claims it is doing – or they are claiming that the data is a secret, or that they just haven’t had time to release it.

Obviously, the vax isn’t killing everyone, but we all know someone personally who has died or experienced serious and life-changing side effects from it.

What’s more, the authorities in most countries now admit that the vaccine has no effect at all, in terms of stemming the spread of the virus. They claim that the vax was developed to fight the “alpha” virus, which has now been fully replaced with other “variants.”

But they’re still telling you to take it.

I think it’s very possible that it will kill many more millions over the next few years. But it also seems that they are themselves surprised by how many it’s killing, as they weren’t really ready to fully cover it up.

It is likely that the main agenda of the government/media is to force people to obey. If they can make you take a dangerous injection against your will for a disease that doesn’t exist, which they themselves admit doesn’t work, they can make you do anything.

What the overlords want is a population that is willing to do absolutely anything they are told to do. After your will is broken, like a horse, you will not fight back.

This is about control.

Any health damage from the vax is therefore secondary.

And of course, they’re putting you on a permanent regime of vaxes – anyone who signs up for the first vax is signing up for a lifetime subscription – so if they do want to kill you at any point, they can just use a future injection.

In fact, they can do anything they want to you with future injections – including lower your IQ, or genetically transform you in other ways.

We should talk about the deaths, and we should hype them up, but we should also remember that this is bigger than just killing a bunch of people with an injection.

This is a satanic cult that has taken over society. The vax is a sign of submission, of body and soul, to that cult.

It is truly amazing that there are not more people who still have voices speaking up.

It now makes sense why so many were censored.

Surely, when I was shut down for making a fat joke, it was clear that I would be talking about other important things. The same is true of Alex Jones, who was banned for complaining that CNN was trying to get him banned. And all of the others we’ve lost.

The only people who still have voices are effectively members of the cult.

Except one…