British Media Covers-Up Diversity Riot

Diversity Macht Frei
September 28, 2018

This riot in a “British” school made it to the newspapers a few days ago. I instantly suspected diversity. These kinds of mass riot are not normal and suggest the group cohesion instincts diverse people specialise in but we Europeans unfortunately lack.

Of course there was no mention of diversity in the various news stories reporting the incident.

Looking at the videos, some Muslims were apparent, but there were more white-looking people than I would have thought. The images were blurry. It was hard to make out detail.

Upon investigation, these “white children” turn out to be Roma. The school is one of the few that are majority gypo.

76.6% of pupils at this school do not speak English as their first language. (link)

The school demographics are as follows:

White British: 5 (1.4%)

White Other: 10 (2.9%)

Gypsy/Roma: 248 (71.3%)

White/Asian Mixed: 3 (0.9%)

Other mixed: 5 (1.4%)

Indian: 1 (0.3%)

Pakistani: 31 (8.9%)

Other Asian: 10 (2.9%)

African: 19 (5.5%)

Other Black: 5 (1.4%)

Any Other: 7 (2.0%)

Unclassified: 4 (1.1%)

As I suspected, ethnic tension was at the heart of the riot. Not tension between indigenous Britons and invaders, though. Tension between different groups of invaders. There are so few indigenous Britons left that they are no longer in a position to defend their own interests.

Belatedly, one or two outlets have now reported that the origin of the riot was a Muslim girl having her headscarf torn off.

Speaking to the Sun Online today, a number of parents claim the fight was started when word began spreading about a small brawl in the school canteen.

Amjad Yasin, 40, who runs a clothes store nearby, has two boys aged 13 and 14 at the school, said: “A Somali girl and an Eastern European girl were fighting and one of the girls’ headscarf was torn off.

Taxi driver Arfan Abbas, 42, who has daughters in Year 9 and Year 11, said: “The day before the riot there was an incident between a Yemeni girl and a Eastern European girl and her headscarf was ripped off.

“It all bubbled up again in the dining hall the next day and all hell broke loose.”


The local Sheffield newspaper has been a bit more forthcoming with the facts behind the incident. Apparently, Pakis and Arabs are now what passes for indigenous there.

A woman who worked nearby told me she didn’t want to speak to The Star, for fear of fanning the flames of an already intense situation. And a former teacher at the school called to say that there had been fears over safety and behaviour at the school for ‘a long time’, and that she had ‘genuine concern’ for her former colleagues’ safety.

The elephant in the room in all this is the subject of race, particularly the large Slovakian Roma population in Page Hall.

In 2013, Mr Blunkett had said the influx of these migrants had caused tensions that could ‘explode’ unless action was taken to improve integration. From speaking to parents and pupils in the area on Tuesday, it would seem that there is a long way to go to achieve that aim.

There is still a palpable sense of ‘them’ and ‘us’ in the area, with the ‘them’ being the Slovakians and the ‘us’ being Pakistani and Arabic communities whose roots in the area go back much further.