British Man Explains Decision to Allow His Fat Daughter to Have Sex with Blacks

Metro UK has posted a bizarre video of a British man explaining that his teenage daughter has taught him to not be a racist anymore, and how he’s decided to let her have sex with blacks.

Honestly, allowing your daughter to have sex with anyone other than her husband in your house is really kind of unfathomable to me. Saying “you can only have sex with whites under this roof, young lady!” doesn’t seem sustainable. At that point, you’ve already abandoned the basic norms of society, so why not go all the way to “okay, you can screw blacks here too”?


When Neil told his daughter not to bring a black man home, she shot him a look of disgust.

It was at that point that he realised his views were wrong and that he was a racist.

Neil admits to casually using the N and P-words in everyday conversation and said that he was ‘basically a bigot’.

He would join in with racist and homophobic chants at football games, and said it ‘normalised’ racism in other walks of life.

His daughter Millie struggled with his attitude to people of a different race.

She said: ‘One of the things he used to say was: “You can’t have a black boyfriend. Don’t bring a black boy home”.

‘Or we’d walk past people who were selling the Big Issue and it would be: “We only buy them from English people, because they can just go home and be homeless there.”

Neil suggested he used to be casually, rather than overtly, discriminatory.

He’s ‘much closer now’ with Millie after she challenged her Dad’s behaviour.

He said: ‘I think it was probably seeing the look of disgust on Millie’s face when I made comments.’

Neil added: ‘I don’t really want to be that sort of role model for her – being a racist, a sexist, a homophobe, basically a bigot isn’t what I want to show Millie when she’s growing up.

‘I try to teach other people, the way that Millie’s taught me.’

I guess on some level by saying I’m against fathers letting their daughters have sexual partners in the home, I’m maybe expressing my own elitism?

Working class people have always been a little looser about the sex stuff.

Maybe there is a place for “you can only have sex with white men in this house, young lady!” in working class homes.

But of course, even if we go with “working class people have always been more sexually permissive,” before birth control and abortion, even working class girls would get pregnant and have to get married.

So, if we try to unravel the whole thing, it is that modern science applied to the working class has changed their environment as regards girls getting pregnant, and that has pushed them towards accepting new sexual norms, including sex with blacks?

After all, if the sex is not leading to pregnancy, then what is the point of telling her not to have sex with blacks? The whole threat of black sex in this context is a black grandchild, and if she’s bringing home all these different men and it’s not resulting in pregnancy, then what difference does it even make?

Regardless, there is something nauseating about this fat slut explaining about how she taught her dad to stop being a racist.

It’s filthy.