British Labour Party’s Deputy Leader in the Pocket of the Jews

Diversity Macht Frei
August 6, 2018

As Jewish organisations have been whipping up hysteria against the British Labour party, its deputy leader has, strangely, appeared to side with the Jews attacking the party.

The mystery of why he would do this is now resolved.

Trevor Chinn is the Vice-President of the Jewish Leadership Council, an organisation that has been openly campaigning against the Labour party.

At a speech to the Jewish Friends of Israel in 2016, Watson even said that Trevor Chinn was his his “friend and mentor”:

I can see my friend and mentor Trevor Chinn here, and I’d like to thank him for all the advice and guidance that he’s given to me personally.

At the same speech, Watson sang the words “Am Yisrael Chai” – the Nation of Israel lives.

Trevor Chinn shown in the middle with convicted conman Gerald Ronson on the left

Last night, #ResignWatson was the top Twitter trend globally. Even mainstream lefties are being red-pilled now. They can see they have an enemy agent inside their own party and that the “Nation of Israel” exists not just in the Middle East.