British Judge Rules Julian Assange Cannot be Extradited to the US!

Apparently, the UK is not utterly controlled by vile, blood-sucking Jews in the way the United States absolutely is.

Can you even imagine an American judge ruling in favor of justice? The basic suggestion of it is unthinkable.

The Guardian:

Julian Assange cannot be extradited to the US to face charges of espionage and of hacking government computers, a British judge has decided.

Lawyer for US authorities are to appeal against the ruling, which was delivered at the central criminal court by the district judge, Vanessa Baraitser.

Delivering her ruling the judge said said the WikiLeaks founder was likely to be held in conditions of isolation in a so-called supermax prison in the US and procedures described by US authorities would not prevent him from potentially finding a way to take his own life.

“I find that the mental condition of Mr Assange is such that it would be oppressive to extradite him to the United States of America,” she said.

Assange has been taken back to Belmarsh prison ahead of an application on Wednesday for his release on bail, which will refer to conditions at the high-security prison in south London against the backdrop of the worsening Covid-19 pandemic.

The judge’s decision, focusing on Assange’s health, came after she knocked down one argument after another made last year by Assange’s lawyers. Sending him to the US would not breach a bar on extradition for “political offences” she said, and she had no reason to doubt that “the usual constitutional and procedural protections” would be applied to a trial he might face in the US.

But she accepted the evidence of prominent medical experts, including details of how Assange had suffered from depression while in prison in London. “The overall impression is of a depressed and sometimes despairing man who is genuinely depressed about his future,” said Baraitser.

The case against the 49-year-old relates to WikiLeaks’s publication of hundreds of thousands of leaked documents about the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, as well as diplomatic cables, in 2010 and 2011.

Prosecutors say Assange helped the US defence analyst Chelsea Manning breach the US Espionage Act, was complicit in hacking by others and published classified information that endangered informants.

Assange denies plotting with Manning to crack an encrypted password on US computers and says there is no evidence anyone’s safety was compromised. His lawyers argue the prosecution is politically motivated and that he is being pursued because WikiLeaks published US government documents that revealed evidence of war crimes and human rights abuses.

At the weekend, Assange’s partner had said a decision to extradite the WikiLeaks co-founder to the US would be “politically and legally disastrous for the UK”.

Stella Moris, who has two children with Assange, said a decision to allow extradition would be an “unthinkable travesty”, adding in an article published by the Mail on Sunday that it would rewrite the rules of what it was permissible to publish in Britain.

“Overnight, it would chill free and open debate about abuses by our own government and by many foreign ones, too.”

This is basically no different than chopping up Jamal Khashoggi in the backroom of the Saudi embassy in Istanbul.

After all of these years, Julian Assange stands accused of: doing journalism.

That’s all.

No one really bothers to accuse him of anything more nefarious, other than having sex with a woman who thought he was wearing a condom when actually, he wasn’t wearing any condoms at all.

The fact that Assange is in prison is an absolute testament to the fact that “democracy,” and all of its promised “values and principles,” are an idiotic farce, which only the dopiest of dupes would take seriously.

And frankly: I don’t think anyone does take any of this 20th century “democracy” propaganda seriously at this point. The last holdouts, the last true believers, were a few boomer Republicans. And with this election fraud farce, I think the system lost them. The remaining total establishment Republicans in the vein of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, are only supported by Democrats.

What this effectively means is that you currently have only two kinds of citizens in this dystopia:

  1. Sadistic enforcers of a cruel system of abuse, designed to destroy white people and Christianity, and
  2. Targets of this system

Yes, you have some colored people and women who side with the second group, but they are just supporters of a white male patriarchal society, because they’ve noticed that it is actually more pleasant and profitable to live in that system than in this new system that is being brought in.

The entire system is now functioning purely on sadism, propelling a lunatic agenda of a bunch of Jews and technocratic madmen.

And yes: all you have to look at to understand this is Julian Assange. No one thinks he should be in prison, other than a tiny group of ruling class fundamentalists, who basically believe that any peasant who asks a single question about any aspect of any agenda should be drowned in a cage.

And yet – apparently – not even Donald Trump is willing to stand up and pardon him, because of the perceived establishment importance of sending a chilling effect through journalism.

That’s the whole thing about this: they do not want anyone leaking anything, and they want people to know that if you do leak, there isn’t going to be forgiveness. The bleeding hearts won’t save you, neither will the right-wingers.

The UN can go out there and talk about how wrong it is, and it won’t matter.

That’s why it’s so important to torture Assange, in this public way.

They want you to see what happens.

It’s amazing that this judge ruled in his favor, but that won’t stand.

He will be sent to America, where he will be crucified, and he will die.