British Government Tells People Not to Fret, Everything Will be Totally Fine and Normal

People are waiting for the collapse to begin.

But frankly, it’s already begun.

It began in March, 2020.

Now, it’s just a matter of measuring the speed of decay.


Consumers should not panic buy products as Britain is not heading back into a 1970s-style “winter of discontent” of strikes and power shortages, a junior minister said on Thursday.

Soaring wholesale European natural gas prices have sent shockwaves through energy, chemicals and steel producers, and strained supply chains which were already creaking due to a shortage of labour and the tumult of Brexit.

After gas prices triggered a carbon dioxide shortage, Britain was forced to extend emergency state support to avert a shortage of poultry and meat.


Tesco, Britain’s biggest supermarket group, told government officials last week the shortage of truck drivers would lead to panic buying in the run-up to Christmas if action was not taken.

Supermarket shelves of carbonated drinks and water were left empty in some places and turkey producers have warned that families could be left without their traditional turkey lunch at Christmas if the carbon dioxide shortage continues.

“There is no need for people to go out and panic buy,” small business minister Paul Scully told Times Radio.

“Look, this isn’t a 1970s thing at all,” he said when asked if Britain was heading back into a winter of discontent – a reference to the 1978-79 winter when inflation and industrial action left the economy in chaos.

A Tesco spokesperson said the group currently had good availability, though it said the shortage of HGV drivers has led to “some distribution challenges”.

A spokesperson for the second biggest player Sainsbury’s said “availability in some product categories may vary but alternatives are available”.

Supermarkets and farmers have called on Britain to ease shortages of labour in key areas – particularly of truckers, processing and picking – which have strained the food supply chain.

Labour crunch

The trucking industry needs another 90,000 drivers to meet demand after Brexit made it harder for European workers to drive in Britain and the pandemic prevented new workers from qualifying.

“My business has about 100 HGV drivers short, and that is making it increasingly very, very difficult to service our shops,” said Richard Walker, managing director at supermarket Iceland, adding that deliveries were being cancelled.

“It is a concern and as we look to build stock as an industry, to work towards our bumper time of year, Christmas, we’re now facing this shortage at the worst possible time. I am worried.”

The National Farmers’ Union has written to Prime Minister Boris Johnson asking him to urgently introduce a new visa system to help tackle labour shortages across the supply chain.

Scottish Sun:

Motorists are being warned “not to panic” or store up on fuel as the lorry driver chaos continues.

BP and Tesco have been forced to close petrol stations because of a shortage of lorry drivers are preventing supplies getting to forecourts, rather than a shortage of fuel itself.

Meanwhile, huge queues have been blocking access to petrol stations across the country this morning as panic buyers line up to fill their tanks.

Transport secretary Grant Shapps has now urged drivers to “carry on as normal,” insisting that is only “a handful of petrol stations affected”.


Britain is working on a number of options to tackle the shortage of truck drivers, including luring former employees back to the market, amid warnings from the food industry that supply chains could break down in the run up to Christmas.

Paul Scully, a junior business minister, said offering visas to overseas drivers would not solve the problem because shortages were being felt across Europe, and the government was looking to more domestic options instead.

The good news is, Boris is in good shape and totally on the ball.

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There is nothing to worry about, at all.