British Government Says They’ll Demolish People’s Homes If They Have Too Much Coronavirus in Them

I wonder how much coronavirus your house has to have in it before the British government will bulldoze it?

It probably has to be over 9000, right?


If things get really tough with Covid-19, local councils in the UK could order the demolition of coronavirus-contaminated homes. The news, reported this week by the British media, has left many unimpressed.

The Covid-19 pandemic may not be a civilization-ending event, but the British government has definitely given out some Black Death vibes in its response. For example, its strategy to contain the disease suggests some overkill measures, such as destroying working vehicles and entire buildings, readers of the British media have discovered this week.

These possibilities hide in the guide prepared by the British government for local decision-makers on how to tackle the epidemic. Among other things, it references the Public Health (Control of Disease Act) 1984, mentioning that this legislation allows local authorities to seek an order from a magistrate “that a building, conveyance or structure be destroyed.”

First spotted by The Telegraph, the language evokes a vista of bulldozers ready to roll though the living-rooms of Britons in response to a fit of bad coughing, and it didn’t go down well with readers. Some simply called it pure madness. Others suggested that some nefarious renovation scheme under the guise of fighting Covid-19 was in action.

“We’re all Palestinians now” was a statement that turned out to be a bit too literal, I think.

You’ve gotta laugh.

I hope they start bulldozing houses and saying “there is too much coronavirus in this house! It’s gotta go!”

“Coronavirus” literally means “the government can just do whatever the hell it wants to you, forever.”