British Family Goes to Brazil on Vacation – Get Shot for No Reason

Daily Stormer
August 8, 2017

Brazil: The ultimate multicultural paradise.

What people don’t seem to understand about mud countries is that, outside of a handful of green zones set up for tourists, virtually all of them are war zones that no sane human being would want to visit (unless to hone some “skills” or satisfy some “urges” that are illegal or harder to get away with in his own country). Brazil has a murder rate of 26.74 murders per 100,000 people, an official number which is probably severely understated considering that in many cases, the Negroes don’t even bother counting the corpses.

In terms of raw numbers, Brazil has more murders than any other country in the world, and more than the US, China and the entire European continent combined. And that’s just the murders, everything else from theft to rape to robbery to food safety is probably way worse.

And yet, hordes of imbeciles still visit it on a regular basis, and then wonder why things don’t turn out like they do on TV…


A British woman has been shot close to a holiday hotspot near Rio de Janeiro when a gang opened fire on her family after they accidentally strayed into a favela.

Police said a couple and their three children were travelling in Angra dos Reis, a popular coastal holiday destination about 90 miles from the city, when they drove into a crime-ridden slum by mistake.

They even took their children, the fucking morons!

If you had three young daughters, wouldn’t you want to parade them through a hellhole of murderous subhumans too?

A group approached the car and reportedly told the family to get out before opening fire, authorities said.

The woman was hit twice in the abdomen and was being treated at a hospital, police said. The victim underwent surgery and was in a stable condition, local media reported.

That totally sounds like the result of poverty, and not clinically retarded monkeys being clinically retarded monkeys. We all know the expression “I’m so hungry I could randomly shoot a horse for no reason because it came in my field of view.”

“Because of the difficulty with the language, there was this confusion. They ended up going to the Holy Water community, where they were approached by the criminals. Because they did not understand the order to leave, they continued on and were shot,” he said.

Like I said – green zones surrounded by war zones.

Tourists in Brazil have occasionally been attacked when they accidentally stray into slums, which are often controlled by criminal gangs.

“Occasionally,” sure. It’s all good, you dumb faggots just keep going there.

You need to get used to it anyway, as your own countries will soon become as diverse as Brazil.

London in 2050