British Establishment Goes in Hard Against Sturmbannführer Sargon

Diversity Macht Frei
April 27, 2019

The British Establishment is going in hard against Sturmbannführer Sargon of Akkad, the top neo-Nazi leader in Great Britain and UKIP candidate for South-West region in the (probable) upcoming elections for the European Parliament. He tells them he doesn’t give a damn about their decadent Judenethik and his tanks will soon roll across their bones.

Hope Note Hate have been combing through Sargon’s videos, looking for examples of words that neo-Nazis allegedly use, such as “Nigger”, “Chink” and so on. They even found the clips where Sargon was pretending to attack the Alt Right to burnish his Establishment credentials and elevate himself to the position where he was poised to deliver the final blow against Clown World.

The Jews are also aghast that Sargon refuses to leave tribute at their Holocult shrine. Carl of Swindon told a tribal delegation that he wouldn’t even wash himself with one of their bars of soap, never mind pay homage to it.

Sky News, with their Director of News Gathering (((Jonathan Levy))), have been working themselves into a frenzy of indignation about the great man.

Looking at the fuller cuts of the interview, it’s clear that Sky News have deceptively edited it to make Sargon look bad. They make it look as if he was floundering when asked for policy ideas. In reality, he was just making the serious point that the European Parliament is just for show and has no real power.

Hitherto, I confess, I haven’t been much impressed by Sargon, but he speaks fluently here and his imperturbability cannot be faulted.

It’s clear the Sky interviewer doesn’t know what to do when he refuses to retreat from the accusations made against him.

This reminds me of an episode from my childhood. I was taking my dog, a big Alsatian, a walk (off the leash) and we turned a corner into a hill. Way down near the bottom of the hill, a cat was crossing the road. The dog saw the cat and the cat saw the dog at the same time. I knew the dog would chase the cat so reached out to grab it. Too late. The dog was off, running down the hill, after its prey, with me following. Meanwhile, the cat had completely frozen. There must have been about 70 m between us. The cat could have got away easily. Instead it just froze in terror, froze until the dog had crossed the entire distance and reached it. I found that amazing. It proved to me how some of the instincts instilled into us by nature are deeply irrational. But what happened next was also amazing. When I finally caught up to the dog, it was just standing in front of the cat looking embarrassed. It didn’t know what to do. The game was the chase. When the prey didn’t run, the dog was at a loss.

That’s what you see in this Sargon interview. She accuses him of using racist language and he says “Yeah, it’s racist. That’s why I used it.” She’s then at a loss. When the prey doesn’t run, they don’t know what to do. Never apologise. Don’t accept their ethical standards. Impose ours on them.

Sargon has shown us the way to victory. Heil Sargon! The question now is whether UKIP leader Gerard Batten will crumble under the pressure or stand fast.