British Employees are Sabotaging Workplace Robots Over Fears the Machines Will Take Their Jobs

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
October 1, 2019

UK says: “THIS IS OKAY!”

It’s true that the United Kingdom is turning into a caliphate, but that’s okay because being replaced by brown and black subhuman apes is what the British people chose.

UK says: “NOT OKAY!”

What the British people didn’t choose though is to be replaced by robots, so they’re now bravely taking a stance to defend what’s rightfully theirs.

Daily Mail:

UK workers are sabotaging and assaulting workplace robots in an attempt to stop them taking their jobs, finds study.

It’s a common science fiction depiction of the future, artificial intelligence overthrows the human race.

But for some manual workers they have found their own ways of stopping the robots’ rise to world domination – by confusing them.

The study by De Montfort University in Leicester which looked into the use of robotics in healthcare concluded that UK workers are particularly apposed to the introduction of the intelligent machines into the work place.

Compared to Norway where the study found co-working robots are often given affectionate names and welcomed.

Jonathan Payne, Professor of Work, Employment and Skills, said: ‘We heard stories of workers standing in the way of robots, and minor acts of sabotage – and not playing along with them.

Adding: ‘The UK seems to have a problem with diffusion and take-up of technology.’

The use of machines in the place of people has slowly crept in, more so over the last five years, this can be seen in most supermarkets as cashiers are replaced with self-checkouts.

Professor Payne, who led the study, said that British businesses are less likely to get on a level with their employees and explain to them why they want to use the machines.

In turn this can lead to a higher level of resentment  for the robots.

Incidents of ‘robot abuse‘ are currently more publicised in the U.S. where a patrolling security robot was found drowned in a Washington D.C. office block fountain under mysterious circumstances, Knightscope, the company behind the robot claim that it slipped.

The robots may interpret this abuse as a declaration of war.

Killing an innocent robot who was just doing its job sounds like a good way to start a war with the machines.

Do we really want to fight the machines though?

Starship Technologies, a San Francisco company who launched delivery robots in the UK, have faced attempted thefts from the robots as they go about their duty.

While one Scottish supermarket,Margiotta, had to fire it’s store robot after it ‘alarmed’ shoppers as it handed out pulled pork samples, reports The Telegraph.

World wide 1.7 million manufacturing jobs have been lost to robots who can do the same job quicker or for more cost effectively, around 400,000 of those in Europe, a report by Oxford Economics states.

The report also predicted 20 million people will have been replaced by the machines in the work place by 2030.

Despite these figures researchers at De Montfort University in Leicester found that British businesses were struggling to find robot alternatives ‘cost effective’ due to the cost incurred when implementing them smoothly to the business and co-workers.

It looks like people in the United Kingdom are more concerned about robots taking their jobs than about all kinds of invaders taking over their neighborhoods and forming rape gangs to rape their pubescent girls.

I guess the goyim really love their jobs there.