British Businessman Who Sleeps in Hitler’s Bed and Has 88 Tanks Puts His Country Mansion Up for Sale

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
March 6, 2019

The news here isn’t that he’s putting his mansion for sale. The news here is that there is a very rich man who loves Hitler and not sending a couple hundred thousand dollars in Bitcoin or Monero to the Daily Stormer.

Seriously, guys. Reach out to this guy, show him the Daily Stormer.

We could use the backing of powerful people. After all, Jews and degenerates have their Soros and stuff.

Daily Mail:

A British tycoon who sleeps in Hitler’s bed and owns the world’s biggest collection of Nazi memorabilia is selling his sprawling country mansion for £1.95million, but taking the grim haul with him.

This is the mansion:

Kevin Wheatcroft, 59, who is one of the UK’s richest businessmen with an estimated £120million fortune, keeps historic items from the Second World War in his home in Wigston, Leicestershire.

Mr. Wheatcroft, I hereby respectfully suggest you send a couple of millions to Mr. Anglin.

The eccentric millionaire, who also owns former Grand Prix circuit Donington Park, has spent decades adding to his collection, which includes a squadron of 88 tanks.

He has 88 tanks but also plenty of other German vehicles.

The magnificent property has its own library, pub, museum space and a garage big enough to house 35 vehicles. However, most of the memorabilia has been removed from the property as it goes on the market.

Mr Wheatcroft, who inherited his father’s property empire, famously saved a wooden door to Hitler’s cell in Landsberg Prison where he wrote Mein Kampf which he when he befriended a group of German builders in a pub who were tasked with demolishing the building.  

He displayed part of his huge collection of Nazi memorabilia, which includes dozens of sketches and signed photos by Hitler, at his sprawling Seven Oaks House estate in Wigston, Leicestershire.

Other memorabilia includes dozens of mannequins in Nazi uniform – including Hitler Youth, SS officers, Wehrmacht – a scale model of Hitler’s Kehlsteinhaus mountain eyrie, a twisted machine-gun from Rudolf Hess’s crashed Bf110, in which he once flew to Scotland, the commandant’s phone from Buchenwald and Enigma machines.

In the drawing room sits Eva Braun’s gramophone and record collection sits and in the snooker room a selection of Hitler’s furniture is housed which was salvaged from Austria.

In the dining room he keeps fugitive SS physician Josef Mengele’s grandfather clock, topped with a bear which he smuggled out of Aregntina prestening it was tractor parts headed for a factory in Coventry.

And by a spiral staircase, Wheatcroft keeps a full-length portrait of Hitler which was the favourite image of himself and he used it for stamps and official reproductions.

Mr. Wheatcroft, please consider sponsoring the Daily Stormer. Don’t let what remains of the West, our civilization and our people end up as memorabilia for a future millionaire tycoon.

Fight with us.