British BLM Activist Shot in the Head by the Blacks

Black Lives Matter has supported getting rid of the police.

As you might have guessed, white liberals have diligently gone along with this, under threat of Jewish sanction.

As you also might have guessed, getting rid of the police has led to a huge spike in black violence. In many cities, we’re looking at a murder rate that more or less doubles every year.

Just as a matter of statistics, a lot of people who called for the police to be abolished are going to end up getting shot.

Sasha Johnson, who was a big supporter of abolishing the police and said the police are “like the KKK,” has been shot in the head – in London!

The British copy everything America does, so they too have been removing police from black areas.

However, gun crime is so rare in the UK that it seems this was likely personal, and not just a standard random shooting.

That said, the cuck British cops are claiming that there is no evidence the shooting was targeted, and it was in fact a normal random black shooting.

If blacks can get ahold of guns, they will commit random shootings, as a matter of course. So the British better watch out.

Of course, the blacks are claiming that this was a racist shooting!

The shooters were of course black, but blacks will claim that it is possible for a black person to become a white supremacist.