British Airways to Do Away with “Ladies and Gentlemen” Greeting

So, you would think that the tranny thing would just mean that trannies now consider themselves “ladies,” and wouldn’t be bothered by “ladies and gentlemen.”

But there is another group of trannies called “non-binaries” who take offense.


British Airways has instructed its pilots to no longer address passengers as ladies and gentlemen, keeping the greetings gender-neutral instead. The change in policy has been touted as a nod to “inclusion and diversity.”

The UK’s flag carrier has become the latest airline to replace the traditional greeting with a gender-neutral alternative, The Telegraph reported on Sunday. The change in policy has been made to avoid discriminating against the passengers who do not fall under either of the two categories, such as children, as well as “to respect new social norms,” the newspaper reported.

The BA spokesperson has appeared to confirm the move towards “woke speak,” noting the company’s commitment to “inclusion and diversity.” “We’re committed to ensuring that all our customers feel welcome when travelling with us,” the BA spokesperson said.

The announcement did not go down well with conservative-leaning commentators. Some went as far as to declare the carrier’s decision to dump the phrase, long seen as a standard and polite form of address, an “attack” on the British national character.

Yes, well.

You probably should have complained earlier than this.

With regards to “non-binaries” – it’s almost like the entire tranny agenda is part of a way to remove the basic identities of human beings, and turn us into a kind of homogenized slop.

They appear to want us colorless and sexless.

I hate to say that David Icke was right, but…