British Airways Computer Systems Outage Blamed on IT Outsourcing to India!

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
May 29, 2017

British Airways employees are blaming inexperienced IT staff from India for the systems failure!

We are learning more about the British Airways computer system failure that has impacted roughly 300,000 passengers and cost them hundreds of millions of dollars.

At first the systems outage was blamed on a possible cyber attack. Those reports turned out to be false.

Other reports claimed that some type of power failure that brought their systems down.

Now there are people inside the company blaming upper management for outsourcing their information technology department to inexperienced staff in India. The mud monkeys didn’t know how to launch the back up system! lol

The Sun:

THE British Airways boss is alleged to have tried to “gag staff” over the IT meltdown which hit 300,000 passengers – as inexperienced staff in India didn’t know how to launch the back up system, it has been claimed.

The airline’s check-in and operational systems crashed on Saturday and saw thousands of people trying to travel on Bank Holiday weekend left stranded.

And boss Alex Cruz has been blamed for the disaster, but it is now claimed he tried to stop staff talking about the problems experienced after outsourcing staff to India.

In an email to staff obtained by the Daily Mail, he wrote: “Guys, either you are part of the team working to fix this or you aren’t. We are not in the mode of ‘debriefing on what happened’ but rather ‘let’s fix this mode’.”

Adding: “In the meantime, if you do not want to get involved or cannot get involved, I would kindly ask you to refrain from live commentary, unless it is a message of support to the thousands of colleagues that love BA as much as you do.”

Yesterday passengers were pictured sleeping rough at Heathrow and Gatwick Airports and queuing outside in their thousands – with the airline’s “inexperienced” boss now getting the blame.

The chief executive, who founded budget carrier Clickair and ran airline Vueling before moving to work for British Airways in 2016, has been accused of replacing British IT professionals with cheap overseas workers since taking the role.

And GMB union bosses say that this move may have led to this weekend’s chaos – a whistle-blower even claimed bosses knew about the “dodgy” systems.

Apparently British Airways management thought that they could save a few shekels by outsourcing the maintenance and support of their critical IT infrastructure to India. What they failed to realize is that you get what you pay for.

Why would any company outsource their IT department to a primitive country where half the population defecates in the open? The entire premise is insane.

Throughout the West, there are numerous companies run by idiot boomer types who think they can get the same quality of technology support by hiring Indians. That’s because they’ve bought into this false world view that race doesn’t exist and we are all equal. These are obvious lies.

British Airways would have been much better off paying more money to have competent White men run and maintain their systems. Quite frankly, it is insane that they didn’t do this. These systems represent the life blood of their organization. You need to have people who know what they’re doing when shit hits the fan.

As a side note, it is curious that there was no contingency plan to handle a systems outage like this. The fact that they did not have one reflects poor leadership and management within the company. Technology is not fool proof. There should have been some type of operational backup plan that would have allowed the company to continue operations in the case of a major systems failure.

This whole situation has been a disaster for British Airways. Hopefully this will show other companies that outsourcing IT staff to a third world country is not a good idea. I’m not holding my breath that any of these fools will get the message though.