British Airlines Permanently Retires 747, In the Post-Virus World There Will be No Use for Jumbo Jets

This may perhaps help a few people to grasp the fact that these changes being brought in by this virus are permanent.

We are never going back to normal existence.

Airline Geeks:

British Airway has announced that it will immediately retire its Boeing 747 fleet following the impact of the COVID-19 crisis. The airline was forced to store all of its 28 747-400s due to reduced demand in the midst of the respiratory disease pandemic.

In a letter sent out to all BA employees, the airline believes that the 747s are unsustainable for the new aviation industry post-pandemic and will look to accelerate the retirement of the twin-deckers. Most of the airline’s 747s were scheduled to be phased out progressively by early 2024. The interiors of its 747s had recently been refurbished as part of a billion-pound upgrade program to help extend the lifespan of the fleet. Yet, the ongoing aviation crisis forced the flag carrier to retire its twin-deckers immediately.

The announcement comes as no real surprise as airlines across the world re-think their fleet strategy regarding quad-jet aircraft. KLM also retired its 747 fleet from passenger operations, making the decision right at the beginning of the crisis.

“With much regret, we are proposing, subject to consultation, the immediate retirement of our Queen of the Skies, the 747-400. We know there is speculation on social media and aviation websites, so we wanted to make our position clear,” the airline told its staff in a letter seen by AirlineGeeks.

This will mark a milestone for the airline as the era of jumbo will end when the affectionately-nicknamed ‘Queen of the Skies’ ceasing operations for British Airways after a 51-year long association. The airline had tremendous success with the Boeing 747 since it entered service, operating its 747s as the flagship aircraft of its long-haul fleet.

Travel will go back to the way it was through most of history: only the rich will be allowed to move around.

The elite didn’t really ever like this idea of people being able to go where they want to go. It’s too much freedom. Travel allows people to think about things in different ways.

The governments and media of the West tell us constantly that we have a better quality of life and more freedom than people in other countries. When you travel, you realize that this is the opposite of the truth, and that people in alleged “dictatorships” and “third world countries” have better lives with much more freedom.

Traveling causes people to lose faith in the system.

They also want you to know that you are nothing, you have no right to do what they do, to go around to and fro.

You should be in your room masturbating.

Expect more paradigm-changing announcements of permanent change to be made soon, as the government and media begin to inform us of the details of the new world they’ve created using this idiotic virus hoax.

None of it is going to be an improvement on your life, I can tell you that.