British Abortion Clinic Pushes For Easier and Cheaper Access to Morning-After Pill

Daily Stormer
November 29, 2016

"Everything in woman is a riddle, and everything in woman hath one solution -- it is called pregnancy." -Thus Spake Zarathrustra

Having a child is considered the worst thing a woman can do in modern times

Women in Britain should be fighting against being forced to co-exist with immigrants who want to rape them, but they couldn’t care less and have their own set of priorities.

Daily Mail:

The morning-after pill should be sold in shops for no more than £10, according to Britain’s largest abortion clinic.

And the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) also wants the law changed so women can buy the contraceptive without having a consultation beforehand.

Currently, the morning-after pill can only be bought from chemists after women have been taken aside by a pharmacist and have answered a series of sensitive questions.

Many find this judgmental and embarrassing as they are quizzed about their sex life and health – sometimes within earshot of other customers.

No wonder they’re embarrassed.

They don’t like hearing this, but despite popular belief it’s actually not that hard to avoid getting pregnant.


You’d think living in the current year, women would be taking advantage of all the knowledge and resources they have, but they still act like they have no clue what the consequences are going to be if they allow a man to fill ’em with sperm.

The charity describes this as the ‘ultimate sexist surcharge’ and is calling for it to be widely available for no more than £10.

Who gave these whores the impression that acquiring the man-made morning-after pill was in fact a woman’s right?

However, critics say making it cheaply available in shops will encourage casual sex and lead to it being overused.

The downfall of our society is that modern ‘liberated’ feminists have erased all meaning from sex. They have been conditioned to believe it’s this fun thing they should be allowed to enjoy 24/7 with no consequences and the baby making part is a negative extra.

Too bad nature and biology gets in their way.


What a fulfilling life

Without the threat of reproduction, sluts go against nature and sleep with whomever they want, despite the fact that a woman is clearly only supposed to sleep with somebody whom she wants to start a family with.

It can cause sickness, abdominal pain, headaches and dizziness and may also react with other medications, rendering it ineffective at preventing pregnancy.

In rare cases the pill can lead to an ectopic pregnancy which can be fatal for the woman and the unborn child.

The morning-after pill is far from being something that should be taken like candy.


Feminists would rather let young girls take health risks, than teach them how to be responsible gatekeepers


However, for years, the morning-after pill has been tied to some pretty icky rumors.

It’s been blamed as a source of blood clotscancerheart disease, and (unsurprisingly, in pro-life communities) abortion.

Perhaps most prevalently, panicked speculation pops up online and in the media about Plan B affecting women’s ability to get pregnant later in life.

For the most part, all of these concerns are aggravated by the sky-high hormone dosage of the morning-after pill: one dose of Plan B One-Step (or other common brands, like Next Choice One Dose) contains 1.5 mg of levonorgestrel—which is about 12-13 times the total hormonal dosage of your common oral birth control pill, such as Alesse or YAZ.

So who is it that’s pushing for young girls to risk their fertility and lead promiscuous lifestyles?

SHOCKER: This Dyke-Jewess Ann Furedi.

This a woman who publicly supports a woman’s right to sex-selective abortions. She also believes that there should be no time limit on when a woman can get an abortion so that she can kill the baby right up until the very end.

At 28 weeks the baby is already positioned for birth, capable of hiccuping, can blink their eyes, has eyelashes and can produce tears.

And we’re supposed to listen to someone who wants us to believe that abortion that late isn’t murder, and a right all women should have.


Don’t let that Dyke at your daughter.