Britcuck Cops Advised to Kneel Before the Blacks to Avoid Getting Lynched

There is nothing more shameful than kneeling before these blacks.

The only thing that any man should EVER kneel before is GOD or his king – and the only reason you kneel before the latter is that the former ordained him to rule you.

Remember in Game of Thrones, where everything was about forcing people to “bend the knee”? Remember how this was massively important to the characters who were trying to rule?

That is because kneeling is a sign of total submission.

If you are ordered by your workplace to kneel before the blacks – you need to quit your job. You should probably knock something over on the way out. Take your work shirt off and throw it on the ground at the very least.

Black people are not gods, regardless of what the Jews are claiming.


UK police officers have been instructed about the “engaging effect” of taking a knee before protesters, and alerted about the drawbacks if they refuse to do so, triggering shocked and confused reaction from the British public.

The advice on kneeling was part of a recent operational briefing the officers received in the Hertfordshire Constabulary in southern England. The memo, cited by the Mail on Sunday, noted that although the gesture is “optional,” those who refuse to bend the knee “may become the focus of the protesters attention.” At the same time, kneeling “has a very positive and engaging effect,” and draws “a positive reaction on the protest groups.”

Officers choosing to take a knee are advised to “be cognizant of the operational circumstances and to their own, colleagues and public safety,” the document said.

The controversial memo unsurprisingly received some backlash from officers. A senior detective quoted by the paper called the advice “absurd” and wondered whether police are now expected to “make similarly appeasing gestures at political events – far-right protests, for instance?”

Nigel can only voice his disgust on Twitter, since he was kicked off the radio for saying that the blacks are like the Taliban, destroying these statues.

This officially makes him as banned as David Icke, by the way, who was recently banned from the radio and TV in the UK but is still allowed on Twitter.

This is what they do – they ban you from a large swath of everything, then leave you some little thing so they can say, “well, he’s not actually banned from everything!”

Both men are institutions in the UK and after all of this time they’ve chosen now to ban them from everything – because what is happening is just that extreme.

Many agreed with Nigel on the insanity of this event.

That said, claiming that anything is “insane” at this point is almost in itself insane.

We have entered into an unprecedented new reality, where nothing makes any sense. Trying to explain anything using the terminology of the world of 2019 will simply leave a person stuttering.

The old world is completely dead. It cannot come back after this. The people have accepted these new narratives without question, they are wearing the masks, standing six feet apart and bowing down to worship black people.

Reality was never that secure. It was always dependent on the agreement of the masses. When the masses agree to abolish reality and replace it with a lunatic fantasy, the lunatic fantasy becomes reality and there is nothing an individual can do about it other than bide his time and wait for the whole rotten structure to come falling down. This is why I am now encouraging people to flee to the woods.

I don’t think this system is going to last very long. I don’t think it can last very long. But it is here and we do have to deal with it.