Britain’s Former Top Banker Threatens Theresa with Jeffrey Dahmer-Type Murder/Cannibalism

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 14, 2017

So yeah, this is one of those pretty weird things. You know the type – the sort of specially weird thing that is happening a whole lot more often than it ever did before.

As it feels like reality is collapsing in on itself.


Former Tory Chancellor George Osborne has reportedly said he will not rest until he has Prime Minister Theresa May “chopped up in bags in his freezer”.

It was reported in an Esquire magazine profile piece of Osborne – who in March became editor of the Evening Standard newspaper – that the graphic comment was made to more than one person.

May’s former chief of staff Nick Timothy shared the article on Twitter, highlighting a quote stating Osborne “doesn’t want people to think he’s an arsehole, because he’s not an arsehole.”

Timothy then tweeted the freezer quote and mocked: “Not sure why he worries people think he’s an arsehole.”

Asked for the prime minister’s reaction to the Esquire piece, her official spokesman said, according to the Telegraph: “The contents of the former chancellor’s freezer are probably not a matter for me.”

Osborne has previously used the newspaper to hint at the frosty relationship he had with May over the six years that David Cameron was PM.

The position that Osborne held is considered to be the second most powerful in the British government, second only to that of the Prime Minister.

For anyone to threaten to chop anyone else up and put them in bags in their freezer is very strange. For a former top official to threaten the head of state with this is beyond strange.

Moreover, Theresa’s response – “The contents of the former chancellor’s freezer are probably not a matter for me” – is at least as weird if not possibly even weirder than the original statement.

Why did she not express outrage at this stated plan for murder, dismemberment and – presumably – cannibalism?

Isn’t this a threat?

Okay, fine, it’s some sort of very perverse metaphor – but still, people make these sorts of metaphorical statements in the US and they are visited by the Secret Service and forced to confirm that it is a metaphor. Generally.

Also weird is the apparent lack of public outrage over this.

I hate Theresa May deeply, but I am personally outraged that anyone would threaten anyone else with murder and cannibalism. That simply is not appropriate in a civilized society. Especially given the reference to Jeffrey Dahmer-type cannibalism. If it had been a reference to more vague or more clearly metaphorical form of cannibalism – such as “I’m going to slice open her chest and eat her heart” – then it would be somewhat less offensive. Probably.

What I wonder is: do these government people actually engage in real cannibalism?

We certainly know now that David Icke was right about the pedophile stuff.

And at least some of the Satanic ritual stuff is apparently true.

He has also claimed that they are cannibals. That this is part of the Satanic rituals.

And of course, that they are reptilians from another dimension who feed on our suffering.

Virtually everyone he’s accused of being a reptile from another dimension has been Jewish, by the way.

On a scale from one to ten, how surprised would you be to learn that Jews are reptiles from another dimension?

Personally, I think there is around a 20% chance that Jews actually are either some kind of space alien race or creatures from another dimension.

So I wouldn’t be surprised at all. If something that there is a 20% chance of happening happens, that is not a surprise.

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