Britain Took in More “Asylum Seekers” Than 17 Other EU States Combined

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer

May 13, 2015

The earth's most vulnerable people: healthy 25-year-old Black men.
The earth’s most vulnerable people: healthy 25-year-old Black men.

The Jewnited Kikedom accepted more alleged “asylum seekers” last year than 17 other EU nations combined, allegedly “new” data shows.

The data compiled by Eurostat shows that on top of all of the other illegal and legal immigrants, Britain accepted 14,065 people in 2014, while much larger nations accepted just a few hundred each.

asylum seekers
The figures.

The countries accepting the least amount of refugees are also the most racist, and as such the most likely to be sceptical of a plan to completely destroy their nations in order to absorb a fraction of the 1 billion poor people in Africa.

We might also note that it is the specific sub-race of this writer and about 60% of the site’s readership – Northern European – which is accepting these people left and right.  That is because, for whatever reason, we are the most susceptible to the disease of White guilt, the most responsive to Jewish propaganda telling us we are evil for having been born.

The Larger Scheme

The longer term EU genocide agenda, which we are now seeing rolled out in full, is to force all European countries to accept admittedly unlimited numbers of Africans and other Moslems.

What they are doing is allowing the most guilt-ridden White nations to voluntarily take in millions of these monkeys, and then telling those nations “well, gee, it sure isn’t fair you have to take the brunt of this invasion – we should force the Slavs, Romanians and Hungarians to do more to help these drowning Negroes!”

While accepting few applications, Spain, Italy and Greece are being blocked from deporting the masses of monkeys coming in illegally (or is it legally?  I don’t even understand the difference at this point), and so they are also being suckered into this plan to literally go to Africa and find these people, bring them back to Europe and distribute them everywhere.

The Killing of Gaddaffi

The more I look at this situation, the more clear it becomes that killing Gaddaffi was part of the plan.

Now what's the next step in your master plan?
Now what’s the next step in your master plan?
Flooding this continent - with one billion Africans!
Flooding this continent – with one billion Africans!

When the US started bombing Libya for no reason, everyone was very confused.  But now it all makes sense.

The fact that destroying the country was part of an intentional plan to flood Europe with Negroes seems to be clearly evidenced in the fact that the media and UN NGOs keep saying these people are “fleeing oppression” in “worn torn” Libya, while at the same time admitting that few or none of them are actually from Libya.  They never attempt to explain what they are even doing in Libya, or why, if they are fleeing the oppression, they don’t just go back to their home countries instead of Libya.

They are also continuing to claim that there is no solution to the migration problem, while the only thing they would have to do is ship them back immediately after they arrive.  They could even keep “rescuing” them.  Just bring them to a port in Lampedusa, give them a couple Cliff bars and put them on a ship back home.  It would only take a week for them to stop attempting to come.  Problem solved.

Oh but then it is that it is a moral duty to allow them to come, and that moral duty then relates in no way to the drowning.  It becomes a completely separate issue.

The whole thing is so openly dishonest and deceitful, that the only possible reason they could be doing it this way is that they want to purposefully destroy Europe completely, to make it a colony of Africa.  So from there, it isn’t hard to see that killing Gaddaffi was part of that plan.

Remember this?  Everyone knew exactly what would happen if they killed him for no reason.
Remember this? Everyone knew exactly what would happen if they killed him for no reason.