Britain Tells Hoarders to Please Stop

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 22, 2020

No one likes to see a middle-aged woman crying because there’s no food, but British slang is so stupid I can’t really view them as human. 

Why do they not just shoot hoarders?

You see these pictures of these people rolling out with all the toilet paper.

Are you actually going to tell me that there are people who would mourn the deaths of such fiends?


Britain on Saturday told people who were panic-buying and hoarding food due to the coronavirus outbreak to calm down, pointing to a video on social media showing an exhausted nurse driven to tears by finding shelves bare after her shift.

Shoppers have been emptying the shelves in many supermarkets over the past week, with some wrestling over toilet roll and others hoarding everything from pasta to frozen peas as the government told people to stay home and avoid contact.

A billion pounds ($1.2 billion) of extra food have been squirreled away over the past three weeks, putting massive pressure on supermarkets, environment and food minister George Eustice said.

At a news briefing, he urged people to “be responsible when you shop and think of others”.

“There is more than enough food to go round and our food supply chain is able to expand production to cope with increased demand,” he said.

“Buying more than you need means that others may be left without, and it is making life more difficult for those front-line workers such as our doctors and nurses and NHS (National Health Service) support staff.”

We don’t live in a society, so I guess it’s dumb to expect people to act like we do.

So maybe hoarders have simply transcended the bonds of post-morality morals?

Anyway, even if they are Nietzschean supermen, they still deserve to be shot, simply as a practical matter.

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