Britain Taking Steps to Ban Advertisement for Junk Food on the Internet

Obesity is the number one killer in America and the UK, being responsible for heart disease, diabetes and many or most cancers. Obesity is entirely a result of known poisons that the government allows multinational corporations to sell to people as food, including high-fructose corn syrup, processed sugar, and partially-hydrogenated vegetable oil.

I have repeatedly said that governments should ban certain ingredients from food which they know to be harmful. The government has continually refused.

Finally, the UK government is discussing a very light action: banning advertisements for these foods on the internet. The companies that market these poisons to the people are flipping out, because they know this will affect their bottom line.

BBC News:

Some of the UK’s biggest food companies have attacked a plan that could see all online junk food advertising banned to tackle childhood obesity.

In a letter to the prime minister, bosses of firms including Britvic, Kellogg’s and Mars said they supported government efforts to tackle obesity.

But they said the plans were “disproportionate” and lacked evidence.

The government has said it is determined to help children and families make “healthier choices”.

It originally planned to ban online adverts and TV commercials for unhealthy foods that appeared before 9pm, but strengthened this in November.

The prime minister is said to have changed course after being hospitalised with Covid-19, something he links to being overweight.

The proposal, which is still under consultation, could usher in some of the toughest digital marketing restrictions in the world by the end of 2022.

Firms would not be able to promote foods high in fat, salt or sugar in Facebook ads, paid search results on Google, text promotions and posts on platforms such as Twitter and Instagram.

Again: this is a very, very light measure. It makes zero (0) sense why these companies are allowed to sell this poison at all. If someone was selling potatoes containing radioactive depleted uranium and calling them “Glow Bites,” saying, “the snack that uses the energy of the atom to give you the energy of a giant!” – the government would say “you’re not allowed to sell this as food, this is radioactive material that causes cancer.”

Yet they are allowed to sell these other poisons, and the government has no explanation as to why. If pressed, they will present some libertarian nonsense about “freedom.”

This has all become acutely deranged given the coronavirus lockdown. Even if the fake numbers from the government were real, coronavirus would not even have killed 5% of the people who die from these foods. These foods also regularly kill people at a much younger age, which means that more total years of potential life are lost per death.

The fact that they claim they allow these foods because of freedom, while creating the worst oppression in all of human history in response to the coronavirus, proves that this coronavirus is not about public health. Just this one single fact proves, beyond any possible doubt, that these people do not love you, they are not twisting and turning at night thinking about how sad it’s going to be when your 87-year-old grandma dies from the flu.

This virus thing is entirely about control. If they could have said that you have to stay locked in your house, have to destroy your business you spent your entire life building, so that you can’t buy junk food, they would have done that (and it would have made a lot more sense than what they’re doing now). But obviously, people would just say: “if you’re so concerned about people eating junk food, why don’t you just ban the sale of junk food?”

But you can’t ban a flu virus.