Britain: Somali Gets Right to Stay in the Country Despite 33 Convictions

Daily Stormer
August 7, 2019

That was a close call.

Britain almost lost the vibrancy of a 68-IQ semi-chimp who has a religion that’s a literal license to kill anyone who doesn’t belong to it.

You were very lucky, Britcucks.


A Somali migrant granted the right to stay in the United Kingdom despite 33 previous convictions has been imprisoned for drug dealing just weeks later.

Abdi-Mahad Osamon sold an undercover police officer cocaine and crack cocaine, and urged him to also try his “very good” heroin, BirminghamLive reports.

I believe him when he says that his heroin was very good.

He certainly sounds like a connoisseur.

Judge Robert Brown sentenced Osamon to a minimum term of five years and seven monthsdiscounted from seven due to a his guilty plea — under a supposed “three strikes” rule, as he had two previous convictions for dealing Class A drugs already.

All told, the Somali had acquired 33 previous convictions since his arrival in Britain — in unreported circumstances — for crimes including driving offences, crimes against the person, and drug possession, in addition to the drug dealing considered in the “three strikes” ruling.

That’s exactly the kind of person monkey you’d want in your country.

The British have always understood that Somalis are the smartest people in the universe, and so they’re trying to keep as many of them in their country as possible.

Osamon’s lawyer attempted to discourage the judge from invoking the “three strikes” rule by pointing out that one of his previous drug dealing convictions had involved peanut dust, with which the Somali had tried to deceive his cutomer(s), and no actual narcotics — but Judge Brown ruled that offering class A drugs for sale, bogus or not, was a drugs supply offence in itself.

“He’s done it twice before and that’s not mentioning all his other convictions,” he remarked, telling Osamon: “Although there may be others above you in the chain and others who control you, you are, at 31, a man responsible for your own actions. I do not think five years and seven months is unjust.”

Wait… So he’s not a connoisseur after all?

I feel so disillusioned…

Osamon is unlikely to actually serve five years and seven months in custody, however, as it is standard in Britian for convicts given determinate sentences to be released on licence halfway, or in exceptional cases two-thirds of the way, into their sentence.

That’s a very good innovation the Britcucks came up with.

It’s known that the worst the consequences are for breaking the law, the more people are likely to do it.

I’m very optimistic about how things are going in Britain though.

Once everybody in Britain is a mongrel Moslem, Britain will finally be as diverse as it’s always been.