Britain Officially Outlaws Flirting (Including Looking at Women for Too Long)

This obviously isn’t about outlawing normal mammalian mating patterns as a part of an agenda to end procreation.

It’s about the well-established fact that women just really don’t like attention from men.

That’s why most women these days walk around half naked. They’re worried that their clothes could draw too much attention.


British police have been given a new toolkit to fight back against an “epidemic” of misogyny and sexual harassment, with acts such as leering and wolf-whistling being included in a list of prosecutable misdemeanors.

On Wednesday, the British College of Policing issued a guide for officers to help them deal with sexual harassment against women. The document encourages police forces to pursue prosecution under public order laws for singular offenses and charging under a 1997 harassment act when an individual repeatedly engages in behavior which includes catcalling and wolf whistling.

The police have also been told to take “preventative” measures, such as public space protection orders and criminal behavior orders which prevent people from visiting prescribed public spaces.

Officers have been advised to pursue criminal charges or apply preventative strategies for a list of offences, including kerb crawling, cornering, and upskirting, as well as leering and persistent staring. Viewing pornography in public is also included.

Chief Constable Andy Marsh, chief executive of the College of Policing, said in a statement that there was “epidemic” of “industrial” level violence and harassment against women. Some 1.6 million offences against women are recorded each year.

It’s all so tiresome.

Yes, if you invite millions of brown people into your country, you’re going to end up with a “pandemic” of women being sexually propositioned on the street.

Black and Arab flirting, at least with white women, goes something like: approach a random woman on the street and say “bitch that ass, let me get this dick in that pussy, raw, bitch, damn.” Do this 100 times a day, every day.

But it would be racist to prosecute that.

We all hopefully remember when that Jew woman with the fat ass posted a YouTube video “calling out” male harassment and all the men hollering at her were black and she was then accused of racism.

So instead, what this law will do is make it so a white woman can call the police on a white man who flirts with her.

Women do not have souls and therefore are incapable of conscious thought.

The following was not the only way a (white) man traditionally starts up a relationship with a woman, but was a very popular process, especially for men who are not extraordinarily handsome and/or displaying symbols of massive wealth and/or social status, not all that long ago:

  1. The woman demonstrates signs of availability, through nonverbal communication, to a man she is potentially interested in (for example, in line at a coffee shop)
  2. The man responds with a smile, eye contact, and either a clever quip or something like “sup” (often also with a very quick look up and down of her body as a show of approval)
  3. The woman immediately rebuffs the man for responding to her non-verbal signals, often appearing annoyed or actually outraged – or she could opt for smugness, or most politely, casual disinterest – in any case, the initial demonstration of availability/potential interest is not acknowledged, because she isn’t even consciously aware she did that (commonly called “the first shit test”)
  4. If the man cracks and makes micro-expressions demonstrating a lack of confidence, the deal is off, pussy totally dehumidified
  5. If the man holds his confidence correctly, she will then back off away from him, and force him to give chase (for example, taking her coffee and acting incensed as she finds her table)
  6. If he gives chase (follows her to her table, in this case), she will insult or demean him in some way, again seeing if he will crack and show weakness in his body language (or speech)
  7. At some point, she may smile or giggle at something he says, in which case the connection is made
  8. If she doesn’t smile, he might just say “alright, whatever” and start to move away from her
  9. If he moves away from her emotionlessly, she might respond to that as a positive indicator, and make some gesture or comment implying he should stay, then give the giggle that confirms the initial connection
  10. Interaction becomes less confrontational, and may end with “yeah, let’s meet up some time”

Before birth control, this process could mean she would be pregnant in a few weeks and they’d be married a month later. Before family courts, they’d end up sitting on a porch with a dozen grandchildren running around a few decades later.

I don’t think things really happen like the above 10 points much anymore, because of cellphones and so on (and even if it does happen, it doesn’t lead to family formation, because of government policy designed to make family formation effectively impossible). But this was normal human mating behavior when I was in my teens and twenties. It was basically the only way in which a man who was not super handsome and/or rich/status-stacked was going to strike up a connection with a woman he didn’t already have a connection to through a friend’s circle or whatever (even if you did have a social connection, i.e., at a party with mutual friends, it would still play out similarly).

Again, this is very important: women are not consciously processing all of this. It is just pure instinct. So, in this new reality created by the British state by using the absurd behavior of brown people as a pretext, it is very possible that the initial shit test (#3 above) will be to threaten to call the cops, and #6 will be to actually pull out the phone and call the cops. At that point, the only way you’re getting her number is if you hang around and get in a shootout with the cops – and win.

Again: I understand that this is all basically outdated information in terms of the way humans currently interact anyway. But it probably still happens sometimes, and these laws are clearly geared at preventing that.

Understand this: everything in our society is geared towards anti-natalism, because a satanic billionaire pedophile elite is attempting to massively reduce the population.