Britain: Neon-Nazi School Bans 14-Year-Old Fag from Doing Drag Show

Daily Stormer
July 27, 2018

The faggot and his mother, who fully supports him destroying his life.

I can’t believe this is actually happening in CURRENT YEAR.

I mean, this being Britain, I would’ve expected the entire staff of the school to be on its way to the gulags happiness camps by now, where they can be reeducated into how to not be mean to people who are exactly the same as us, in every single way.


A 14-year-old boy has been banned from his school talent show because of his drag act.

Lewis Bailey, who is gay, was distraught when he was told by teachers that his act, which he had been practicing for weeks, wasn’t allowed to go on.

His mother Natalie, 37, is furious with the school, who claim that it is illegal for under-18s to take part in drag act competitions.

Such a good mother, trying to make sure her son goes as far down the road of degeneracy as possible…

Lewis said the rejection from Castle High School and Visual Arts College in Dudley just a day before the show has damaged his self-esteem.

If you had even a shred of that, you wouldn’t be a faggot or dress like a woman to begin with.

“How can the filthy goyim hate something so beautiful and natural?”

‘When I’m in drag I feel I’m truly being myself.’

You only feel like yourself when you’re pretending to be something you’re not?

That sounds very healthy.

His mum Natalie added: ‘I think the school are being judgemental.

‘There’s no law over impersonating a female and doing a dance.

‘We can’t find anything anywhere that says that, and anyway it’s a school talent show, not a competition.

There never was a law against it because common sense alone was enough to stop it from happening, which doesn’t seem to be the case any longer.

‘The school is very multicultural and I think the school think some of the parents won’t like it.

Some civic nationalist’s heart probably skipped a beat reading this.

“Look! Moslems are natural conservatives!”

‘But people should be able to do what they want to do and be who they want to be.

‘They have really knocked his confidence. They have knocked his confidence to zero.’

I want to be in a death squad that deals with pointless, nihilistic degenerates.

It’ll really knock down my confidence if I don’t do it.

Lewis decided he wanted to be a drag performer after watching RuPaul’s Drag Race, a popular American TV series featuring talented drag queens that perform to win a huge cash prize.

This is a real thing that actually happens, BTW.

Many parents women actually sit their kids down to watch a show about mentally ill men dressing like mentally ill women and doing all sorts of cringy “performances” that other mentally ill people find entertaining.

“Ready for some quality family time, goyim?”

Lewis came out as gay to his mum and stepdad Dale Griffiths, 40, an ambulance driver, last year, and Natalie has said his new drag queen hobby has seen him massively gain confidence.

Lewis was planning on doing a medley of pop songs with his stepdad, and has been practising hard since he entered the competition three weeks ago.

So this boy – who just happens to be a fag – also has a stepdad that not only supports him being a fag, but also seems very enthusiastic in helping him along the way of degeneracy.

How many non-degenerate men do you know that would do that?

Michelle King, principal at Castle Academy, said: ‘Castle is an inclusive school that celebrates diversity. With regard to the performance of our student Lewis Bailey at the end-of-term talent show; we made the decision that it was not age appropriate for either the learner and for the intended audience, his peer group, for Lewis to appear as a ‘drag act’.

‘We understood Lewis wanted to appear in the style of Ru Paul, whose style of performance is characterised by strong language and sexual innuendo.

‘This decision was made one day before the planned show, when the full nature of his performance was made known.

This is some hardcore nazism by British standards.

Of course, this is nowhere near enough, and we’re gonna get to “enough” very soon, and the kikes and these degenerates won’t like it.

Remember – it’s not the first time the kikes did this to us, and it’s not the first time they’ll pay for it.

The difference being, of course, that this time will be the last time.