Britain: MP Stabbed at Public Event! Dead!

Some nigga done been got stabbed out this bitch, y’all ain’t eben know where to look.

Seriously: it used to be if you heard “British politician stabbed to death at event,” you would immediately just say “welp, that’d be the Moslems.”

At this point, you don’t know that.

I mean, it’s still the most likely culprit – especially since at time of writing, we’re several hours out, and they haven’t said “WHITE SUPREMACIST INCEL ANTI-VAX QANON TRUMP SUPPORTER.”


Tory MP Sir David Amess was 69 year old, and was stabbed as he met constituents at Belfairs Methodist Church in England.

As I’m typing this, they’ve just upgraded his condition from “in the hospital” to “dead.”

Actually, I guess that’s more of a downgrade.

He appears to be an old-fashioned chap. Or, at least, he fancied himself an old-fashioned chap.

He dressed up like a knight.


There is a 25-year-old man in custody who has not been identified. The British media and government are slightly more conservative than their American counterparts, but I think it’s been long enough that if he was white, we’d know it. Maybe I’m wrong, and they’re just building up the tension as they put together their narrative.

This is apparently a pretty big deal. I mean, I guess any time a politician in a Western country gets stabbed to death it’s a big deal. After all – this isn’t Mexico!

This is the first time I’ve seen so many people sad about a dead old white guy. I think the liberals saluting him are… anticipating that it was a Moslem, and trying to cover up the crime with their own tears.


I forgot about Jo Cox. That bitch was raped and murdered by Sargon of Akkad at her local Walmart. Or wait. Maybe I’m remembering that wrong. But seriously, I think she was killed by an incel with a sword or something. I’m not going to look it up, as I think that would be too much effort spent on that bitch. I think history should remember her as being rape-murdered by Sargon of Akkad.

Moving on…

I didn’t even realize David Cameron was still alive. Did he have to have sex with a pig and then get forced to resign? Or was that just an episode of Black Mirror? Wasn’t there something where he had sex with a pig? Anyway, same thing – not googling it.

Also, I just found out about this bitch.

If that name sounds like she’s a concubine of Ming the Merciless, let me just tell you – there is no way in heck Ming would hit that.

Somehow, that bitch, serving as an MP in Britain, giving her regards to an old dead Tory, is one of the most offensive things I’ve seen in the last 3 hours.

As always, the most wise sentiment came from Jeremy Corbyn.

My second favorite British politician, Nigel Farage, also had a “let him do his job, mate” tweet.

Someone should tell the Jews this as regards my job.

Every time some Jew or woman or homosexual or brown person complains about this website, my response has remained consistent: “look, mate. I’m just doing my job, mate.”

I don’t know anything about Amess, but there are some tweets leading me to believe he was a mess.

Here’s someone from a fake Iranian government that he worked with and supported.

Typical neocon tripe.

That said, I just read his Wikipedia and it seems he was a Brexit supporter. But he also did some kind of Holocaust advocacy or whatever.

Is there some kind of lesson here? Or some sort of meaningful comment I can end on?

Well, I guess I can just say this: we’re going into an era where political violence is going to become very normal. Some of it will be staged, some of it will be real, but both real and staged violence will serve to put politicians ever more above the population, and above reproach, as the political class moves from their role as “elected representatives” to being open advocates of a globalist, corporate, financial elite.

More and more, you’re going to start running into a narrative about the politicians being the victims of the population, just as the Jewish ruling class is framed as the victims of the peasant population. You’re seeing that narrative with the whole thing about people who complain at school board meetings being “domestic terrorists.” That is taking teachers and local government commissars and making them into victims of the people below them.

And of course, you saw it bigly with the 1/6 narrative, where these pampered multimillionaire politicians were made victims of some boomer auto mechanic from Wisconsin or whatever.

The Jews are the framework for this concept – they are an obvious elite, which controls virtually everything, and yet they are the victims of powerless peasants who dare to ask about why they control everything.

If a Moslem killed this Amess guy, it will be quickly buried, but then it will also later be brought up constantly in connection to the supposed threat anti-vaxers pose to government officials. Whenever anyone dies, they twist it for some purpose. Look at the way they continue to refer to January sixth as “a deadly riot” – that “deadly” is in reference to a black cop killing Ashli Babbitt.

Anyway, whatever.

I don’t care about this.