Britain: Moslem Rams Car Into Club After Being Kicked Out, Says He Didn’t Want to Kill Anybody

Daily Stormer
September 21, 2018

What would these stupid Britcucks ever do without all this excitement?

They’d die bored and pensionless, that’s what!


A clubber accused of attempted murder after driving his car into a crowded dance floor said he only wanted to make a ‘nuisance’ of himself after being ‘humiliated’ when thrown out by bouncers.

How dare these neon-nazis assume he wanted to kill people just because he smashed his car into them?

What kind of ridiculous, outdated way of thinking is this?

Mohammed Abdul drank at least 15 glasses of vodka, tequila shots and more than ‘five to 10 spliffs’ of cannabis before he got behind the wheel of his Suzuki Vitara, Maidstone Crown Court heard.

The 21-year-old, dressed in a blue shirt and dark tie, denies attempted murder after the incident at Blake’s nightclub in Gravesend, Kent, on March 17, which left eight people injured.

This is a picture of the gentleman:

“Like it or not, I’ll be paying that pension of yours, mate”

Britain needs at least 100 million more of these if Sweden is to have a fighting chance.

But Abdul said he was ‘upset and humiliated’, and only intended to ‘make a nuisance of himself to get his own back on the door staff’.

He admitted saying he was ‘going to shut this place down’, but that he never threatened to kill anyone.

See, racists?

He never said it, so obviously he didn’t try it either.

Earlier in the trial, prosecutors told the court Abdul’s actions were a ‘determined and indiscriminate effort to cause carnage and death to anyone in his way’.

But in his closing speech, Danny Moore, defending, said: ‘He has accepted responsibility for this terrible piece of driving.’

He branded elements of the prosecution case ‘over the top’ and ‘over reaching’, adding: ‘[Abdul] has not sought to shy away from criminal responsibility for what happened.

‘But what he does shy away from is the assertion of the prosecution that he had murder on his mind.’

Wow… Saying that with a straight face is seriously impressive.

This guy should quit law and go into theater, I’d pay to watch that.

Simon Taylor, prosecuting, described it as ‘bordering on miraculous that no one was killed’, and told the jury it did not mean Abdul did not ‘intend to kill’.

‘At no point’ did Abdul take ‘evasive action’ to avoid hitting anyone or stop, he added.

That’s a racist argument, therefore it is illegal.

Damn neon-nazi prosecutors, always trying to put brown people in prison for no reason…

Abdul, of Deptford, south-east London, accepts he was the driver of the vehicle and has admitted causing serious injury by dangerous driving.

He denies two counts of attempting to murder persons in the vicinity of the club and an alternative charge of attempting to cause grievous bodily harm with intent.He also denies a further two counts of causing grievous bodily harm with intent towards cameraman Pierre Jermaine Joseph and clubber Katie Wells, who suffered a broken shin and fractured pelvis respectively.

And they don’t believe him solely because of hatred.

The jury has now retired to consider its verdict.

Let’s hope they do the right thing and let him go.

No brown person should go to jail just for running over some people with a car.

And just think of his poor 11-year old girlfriend – what’ll she do without him?

Convicting him would be racism.

And racism is the only real crime.