Britain Enters Massive Total Extreme Lockdown in Response to “New Strain”

Remember when people were saying, “it will end if Joe Biden wins the election” or “it will end when they roll out the vaccine,” and I was like, “there is zero chance of that happening – this won’t ever end, and it won’t ever even let up until the goals of the project are complete.”


Here we are: Biden was elected and the vaccine is being distributed.



Boris Johnson is expected to announce a set of new national restrictions for England, similar to the March lockdown, in a televised address at 20:00 GMT.

The PM is likely to urge the public to follow the new rules from midnight.

It is expected people will be told to work from home if possible and schools will close for most pupils.

It is not yet clear when the measures will be reviewed, but MPs are likely to be given a vote to approve them retrospectively on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the UK’s chief medical officers warned of a “material risk of healthcare services being overwhelmed” in several areas over the next 21 days.

Scotland announced a legal requirement to stay at home from midnight, with schools to be closed.

Mr Johnson will set out plans for England as the UK’s devolved nations have the power to set their own coronavirus regulations.

Both Wales and Northern Ireland are already under national restrictions.

None of this is complicated:

  • The coronavirus is a normal flu virus
  • The government does not care about your health
  • The lockdowns are part of an agenda
  • They are destroying the middle class and transferring your money to the elite
  • They are taking away all of your freedoms

Apparently, people just have a really hard time with the idea that someone would push an agenda and the goals of the agenda would be different than, and actually completely unrelated to, the stated goals.

The sickening part for me personally is that former members of the Alt-Right, now all some weird brand of pro-Biden neo-Nazi, were and are continuing to promote this hoax, saying that the Jewish government loves us and just wants to protect us from the flu, and surrendering our freedoms and all of our money to the Jewish ruling class is just a price we have to pay.

Thankfully, those people do not have audiences now.

But what a wacky ride this has all been.

The funniest part is: this is just getting started.

If Joe Biden is allowed to take office, he is going to use the British model in the United States. This will finish off whatever remains of any small business, and move all of that money to Jeff Bezos, the other billionaires, banks and the corporate elite.

It is literally the “you don’t own nothing, goyim” meme.