Britain Claims That the Lockdown Reduced Infection Rate by 30%

“Imperial College London,” you say?

That sounds legitimate.


Coronavirus infections in England have fallen by about a third over lockdown, according to a major study.

Some of the worst-hit areas saw the biggest improvements – but, despite this progress, cases remained relatively high across England.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said the data showed the country could not “take our foot off the pedal just yet”.

The findings by Imperial College London were based on swabbing more than 100,000 people between 13-24 November.

The React-1 study is highly respected and gives us the most up-to-date picture of Covid-19 in the country.

Its researchers estimated the virus’s reproduction (R) rate had fallen to 0.88. That means on average every infection translated to less than one other new infection, so the epidemic is shrinking.

Remember: the British government health system got caught faking over 1000 positive tests.

After that, why would anyone trust these tests?

They can just print whatever numbers they want.

Furthermore, it appears definitively that there is no connection between the infection rate and the death toll.