Brilliant War Strategist John McAfee Gives Important Advice for Coming Civil War in America

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 9, 2019

I just hope it’s funny when everyone starts dying.


Scandalously famous tech millionaire John McAfee has offered some cheeky advice for both blue and red states in case a civil war erupts in the US: hoard guns, pretend to be Canadian, and sell useless states to Mexico and Cuba.

“If you’re anticipating civil war, I think I can help you,” McAfee said in a video posted on Twitter on Thursday, addressing the “hateful words on both sides of the gun issue” with a quick rundown of his strategy for surviving the partisan battleground.

“I suggest you arm yourselves to the teeth with the latest Israeli weaponry,” McAfee told West Coast liberals, pointing out that they are “vastly outnumbered in terms of guns.”


What are you implying?

Be careful, John.

Conservatives in the meantime should take advantage of liberals’ attempt to arm themselves by “selling them your Daisy BB rifles and tell them they’re AR-15s. They won’t know the f***ing difference,” the cryptocurrency evangelist suggested.

“And the northeast – just tell them you’re part of Canada, and they won’t know the f***ing difference.”

Colorado and New Mexico? “Worthless land… see if you can sell it to Mexico.”

As for Florida, “if you cannot sell it to Cuba, then blow the bridges and stock piranha in all the swamps – that’ll keep them busy till the war is over.”

While McAfee claimed to be “impartial,” the tweet followed another short video in which he calls himself – with tongue firmly planted in cheek – “as extreme right-wing as a person can ever get, with a few exceptions.”

“I own more guns than God! Or I did, until the Dominican Republic took them away from me a couple of weeks ago.”

He also chastises those countries that would attack the US for its eruptions of gun violence, pointing out that European mass murderers use cars or bombs to the same end and urging people to stop blaming “objects” and “politics” instead of getting to the bottom of why these attacks are happening.

At least he didn’t say why they’re happening.

He’d end up getting himself swooped for real, instead of a fake swooping like he babbled about a few weeks ago.