Brilliant Businessman President Trump Wants to Charge Asylum Seekers to Apply

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
April 30, 2019

Shortly after news broke about how goblin “smuggler” entrepreneurs are getting filthy rich by pointing the horde towards America, Brilliant Businessman President Trump rubbed his hands and decided to grab a piece of the pie.

He wants to profit from the brown wave too.


President Donald Trump is proposing charging asylum-seekers a fee to process their applications as he continues to try to crack down on the surge of Central American migrants trying to cross into the U.S.

In a presidential memorandum signed Monday, Trump directed his attorney general and acting homeland security secretary to take additional measures to overhaul the asylum system, which he insists “is in crisis” and plagued by “rampant abuse.”

The changes are just the latest in a series of proposals from an administration that is struggling to cope with a surge of migrant families arriving at the southern border that has overwhelmed federal resources and complicated Trump’s efforts to claim victory at the border as he runs for re-election. Most of those arriving say they are fleeing violence and poverty and many request asylum under U.S. and international law.

The memo says the price would not exceed the cost of processing applications, but officials did not immediately provide an estimate for what that might be.

Trump has given up on trying to stop goblins from conquering America. He’s now going for “at least they pay a symbolic sum to invade us.” Make no mistake, covering the cost of processing applications won’t ever be enough because these browns come to leech off of everything else. They’ll get uncountable benefits all paid for by the accumulated effort of the people of this country.

Paying a small entry fee doesn’t make up for anything.

It’s an insult to the American people.

Trump also wants to bar anyone who has entered or tried to enter the country illegally from receiving a provisional work permit and is calling on officials to immediately revoke work authorizations when individuals are denied asylum and ordered removed from the country.

There’s no such thing as illegally entering America anymore, because anyone caught crossing the border can claim to be crossing to seek asylum due to political persecution, being scared, or whatever other options can be checked on the asylum application.

Human rights means that no goblin is illegal.

“Give me your stuff.”

They’re all just asylum seekers.

He is also calling on Homeland Security to reassign immigration officers and any other staff “to improve the integrity of adjudications of credible and reasonable fear claims, to strengthen the enforcement of the immigration laws, and to ensure compliance with the law by those aliens who have final orders of removal.”

What is even a “credible” asylum claim? It sounds like a joke.

Yes, these goblins are scared. They’re scared of their kin, they’re scared of not having the stuff Americans have, they’re scared of the idea of having to work on improving their country instead of just walking into an already-made great country to take stuff and enjoy the benefits of living there.

It doesn’t matter that they’re scared. It doesn’t even matter if they’re lying. Giving up our country and destroying the future of our people because some jungle creatures are scared is insane. It’s pathological. It’s ridiculous. It doesn’t make any kind of sense.

It’s Talmudic.

We have to stop wasting time discussing whether or not goblins are scared or crying.

We have to come out and state the obvious: the world is a dangerous place. There is a lot of poverty, there is a lot of misery, there is a lot of suffering and chaos and we can’t fight it by making the creatures that cause it feel better. It is not sustainable and it can only end in death. Absolute death.

Even if America welcomed 300 million legume “people,” it wouldn’t even make a difference.

If we want to fight destruction, we have to stop trying to teach Mordorlings not to serve Sauron and start taking control of everything.

We’re the only ones that care.