Brian Stelter Whines That Fox News Hosts Aren’t Taking Vaccine Selfies

Brian Stelter alleges he is 35 years old and not Jewish.

CNN’s Brian Stelter is a “media reporter,” which effectively means that his job is to demand that Fox News be shut down. Every other “media threat” has already been shut down, so there’s nothing else for him to talk about other than Fox.

So he has to get creative. Last week, he demanded that Fox News hosts get the vaccine and take selfies of them getting the vaccine.

Fox is not allowing people to really question the vaccine, as I think it might be something on par with the election fraud stuff, where you’re just not allowed to say it anymore, or something very serious will happen to you. Tucker has done a few critical segments of the way the media is silencing anyone who asks questions about the vaccine. But overall, the network generally supports it.

However, they’re also no doubt aware that most of their viewers are not enthusiastic about this vaccine, at all. After the election, they tried to turn against their viewers, and I guess that created some pretty serious problems, so they’re now back to (sort of) catering to their viewers. So maybe they don’t want to show the vaccine selfies for that reason.

Moreover, the hosts probably aren’t getting the vaccine. Even if you’re not against the vaccine, you have to be really low information to think it is a good idea to get this vaccine if you’re at zero risk for the virus.

Sean Hannity might be dumb enough to take the vaccine. But most of the hosts probably aren’t. The thing is, they’re all rich enough that they can’t be bullied into doing it, so there really isn’t any reason for them to do it.

That said: I also do wonder if the famous liberals are getting the vaccine. Again: no one thinks there is any threat if you are healthy and under 70, even if you believe absolutely everything Anthony Fauci and the rest of the liars say.

They tell us we have to get it for the good of society. But liberals don’t really seem to care much about that.

So: why would they get the vaxx? What would be the point?

I think a lot of these selfies are fake.

One time – before coronavirus, it was a flu shot – Islamic Occupation Mayor of London Sadiq Khan posed for a pic with the cap still on the needle.

Of course, you can also just have a needle full of water, if you want it to look more real than that.

We know that the rich are not doing the mask thing.

They’re also going on vacations to places with no mask rules.

Just generally, there is no evidence at all that anyone in the establishment believes in this ridiculous hoax. I seriously doubt they are really getting the vaccine.