Brian Stelter is the Arbiter of Reality – How Dare You Question Him?

This is what the face of reality looks like.

It’s an established fact that Brian Stelter doesn’t just document reality – he is reality.

He is literally the Padawan or Lord Fauci himself.

How dare you question him?

How absolutely dare you?

Newsflash, Greenwald – just because someone works for the CIA or the NSA or some other intelligence group, it doesn’t mean they can’t create reality.

Think about how, when everyone was saying “those are just the reins of the horse,” CNN figured out that they were whips, being used to whip the Haitians like slaves?

Or what about all this other real and truthful shit they said?

The real threat to America, and to vaccines, to trans lives, is people who think CNN is lying, or that CNN doesn’t create reality.

If there’s one thing we should be able to agree on, from far-right-wingers like George W. Bush and Liz Cheney, to hardcore communists like AOC, to fat pedophiles like Vaush, it’s that reality itself is dependent on CNN – not the other way around.