Brexit Boomers Hunted and Shamed for Telling People to Speak English

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 3, 2020

Why should this story even be published by the BBC?

What reason could they have for making this a major international news story, other than that they are trying to brutally humiliate the working class of the country for not bending to elite values?


“Happy Brexit Day” notices telling residents “we do not tolerate” people speaking languages other than English have been posted at a block of flats.

A resident of Winchester Tower in Norwich first spotted them at 06:00 GMT on Friday, as first reported in the Huffington Post.

The man, who does not want to be named, has reported the signs – which he said were on every floor – to the police.

He said: “It’s heartbreaking that someone could think like this.”

It broke his heart to imagine that people would want the people around them to speak the same language.

That reality broke this anonymous man’s heart.

Or the anonymous man doesn’t exist and it was actually journalists who staged this entire story in order to forward their narrative that the working class of Britain needs to be crushed and replaced by Pakistanis and blacks.

The UK officially left the European Union on Friday at 23:00 GMT after 47 years of membership, and more than three years after it voted to do so in a referendum.

The signs say: “We finally have our great country back… we do not tolerate people speaking other languages than English in the flats.”

They go on to say “we are now our own country again” and the “Queens [sic] English is the spoken tongue here”.

The resident said he discovered the first sign as he was heading out of the block in Vauxhall Street on Friday morning, and returned to his own floor where he spotted the second notice.

He alerted the caretaker, who removed the signs, and a local councillor.

The caretaker told him the notices were stuck on the fire doors on all 15 floors of the Norwich City Council block of flats for tenants who are over the age of 55.

County councillor Emma Corlett advised the resident to report the notices as a hate crime and she also contacted her neighbourhood police team.

The ruling class and the journalist class have no idea what it is like to have your home that you’ve lived in your whole life flooded with people that don’t speak your language, so they are easily able to demonize the working class as evil.

They have no desire to understand the experiences of the masses. Their goal is simply to wipe them out.

And somehow, we are told, these people are the good guys, doing the moral thing of attacking the most marginalized and vulnerable people in society.

Of course, the obvious truth is that the elite wants to replace the people of Britain with foreigners who have no connection to the country and thus no desire to defend it. It is so convenient to create a new moral order that allows you to portray the native working population of a country as evil for wanting to live normal lives.