Brenton Tarrant Pleads Not Guilty, Smiles, Flexes Muscles, MOSLEM Asks for 15 Minutes with Him

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
June 14, 2019

Brenton Tarrant, the man who livestreamed his mosque visit back in March, still manages to upset MOSLEMS from behind bars.

New Zealand Herald:

Brenton Tarrant has today denied being the Christchurch mosque terror attacker and will stand trial in May next year.

The 28-year-old Australian national entered not guilty pleas during a short appearance at the High Court at Christchurch this morning.

He didn’t deny being the shooter.

He pleaded not guilty to what they charged him with because he’s a uniformed partisan fighting an occupying force, not a murderous terrorist.

Tarrant gave a slight smile when not guilty pleas were entered through his lawyer.

Wearing a grey sweatshirt and straining to hear discussions, he was not in the courtroom but instead appeared via audio visual link from Paremoremo Prison in Auckland.

He constantly looked around during the hearing. Several cameras would have shown to him the courtroom, judge and lawyers but not the public gallery.

He also appeared to be flexing or stretching his neck at times.

The courtroom was filled with victims – survivors and family members of the 51 killed during the March 15 attack at two Christchurch mosques – with many more watching from two overflow rooms inside the courthouse via audio visual link.

They reacted with gasps when the not guilty pleas were entered.

All of the victims kept their eyes glued to the alleged gunman throughout the hearing. Many were visibly upset. One woman hugged a cuddly toy.

A trial date of May 4 was confirmed by Justice Cameron Mander. The Crown believes the trial could last around six weeks. Defence counsel Shane Tait believes it could take up to three months.

The accused gunman now faces a total of 51 murder charges and 40 attempted murder charges – along with the terrorism charge.

When due process fails us, we really do live in a world of terror.

…a world full of monsters.

…a world full of legends.

…and a world full of fake heroes.

Daily Mail:

A mosque hero who chased away the Christchurch shooter has slammed the accused Australian man for smiling in court.

Abdul Aziz, 48, called accused shooter Brenton Tarrant a ‘coward’ for smirking as he pleaded not guilty to shooting dead 51 worshippers outside Christchurch District Court on Friday.

Abdul Aziz

Survivors gasped and cried when Tarrant, originally from Grafton, New South Wales, entered the pleas to all 92 charges via video link from a maximum-security prison in Auckland.

Mr Aziz was later confronted by a man who espoused white supremacist views outside of the court.

Abdul Aziz confronted by a man

Hero Mr Aziz defended the Linwood mosque, Tarrant’s second target, with an Eftpos machine and chased the shooter during the live-streamed massacre.

He was laughing there (in court) and he thinks he was so tough, but he was a coward when he faced me and he ran,’ he said.

You either didn’t run after him hard enough or you’re just too out of shape to catch him, Aziz.

He was not man enough to stand up that time and (now) he’s standing there and laughing.

Put me for 15 minutes in one cell and then we will see if he can laugh any more.

It was very hard for us even just to look at him.’

Temel Atacocugu, shot nine times during the attack, said he was putting his faith in New Zealand’s legal system.

We are strong. He is the loser and we are the winners. He will lose,’ he told reporters.

Yes, Aziz, you are a strong, manly man who finds “very hard” to just look at Brenton Tarrant.


People who don’t find looking at Brenton Tarrant “very hard” can watch his livestream footage and read his manifesto here.

What better way to know what happened than to see what happened?

What better way to know why it happened than to read what Brenton Tarrant had to say about it?

They won’t be able to rewrite history and change the facts.

We can see the facts.

We can read the facts.

You can expect Brenton Tarrant to continue making MOSLEMS cry all throughout his trial.

It’s all very inspiring.

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