Brenton Tarrant is Moved to Solitary Confinement in Maximum Security Jail, Denied Visits

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
March 20, 2019

Containment attempts are futile. It has already started. Brenton unleashed it.

They can’t drown the fire.

Daily Mail:

The accused Christchurch gunman is being held in New Zealand’s only maximum security prison in solitary confinement.

Brenton Tarrant is under 24 hour surveillance and has been refused access to newspapers, television and radio, The Department of Corrections in New Zealand confirmed.

Without access to outside world information, Tarrant will be unable to obtain reports on the Christchurch mosque massacre he’s accused of spearheading last Friday.

Authorities have tried to shroud the 28-year-old’s exact whereabouts in secrecy.

In a statement issued to the publication on behalf of The Department of Corrections, it confirmed Tarrant will not receive visitors.

‘He is being managed in accordance with the provisions set out in the Corrections Act 2004 and our international obligations for the treatment of prisoners.

At this time he has no access to television, radio or newspapers and no approved visitors,’ the statement read.

It’s not yet confirmed as to whether Tarrant will appear in person his next court appearance. Or if he’ll appear via video link from prison.

No visitors, solitary confinement, possibility of him not appearing in person in court… it’s obvious that they’re afraid that people may realize Brenton is a normal man and one of their own. They’re afraid Brenton may speak convincing words because so far that’s what Brenton has done; he spoke and wrote convincing words.

Brenton Tarrant knew something like this would happen. That’s why he recorded what he did for you to watch and wrote what he thought for you to read.

The video of his mosque tour is more entertaining than anything you could find on Netflix or the cinema and it also has better production values. People love it and want to share it with everyone, and that prompted huge censorship attempts by the people that want to keep you from witnessing reality. They want to restrict people’s access to information.

It’s always about keeping the goyim from knowing.

It’s too late for that.

The deed is done. There are videos of the deed. There are memes about the deed. The Internet will never be the same. The West will never be the same.

Nothing they could do to Brenton can undo what Brenton did. The Knight Templar knows this.

He was prepared for this.

Others… not so much.