Brenton Tarrant is a Hero of the Young People and They Love Him

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 14, 2019

In this video, young people – members of Generation Zyklon – hail the folk hero Brenton Tarrant and his great and mighty deeds.

We have worked to create a future here at the Daily Stormer. We have put out the memes, and we have made a move to shape the culture.

And we have already won.

We created a culture. And the youth is responding to the culture.

And all of the Jewish pushback from here on out is simply going to strengthen the resolve of the youth.

There is no cultural zeitgeist that these rats can create to overpower the one that we have created. We have pinned them against a wall where all of their attacks only make us stronger.

Every immigrant they bring in, every faggot they put on TV, every tranny they shove into a video game, every YouTube channel they shut down – all of it just proves the point we’ve already made.

They think they can silence hundreds of millions of people. This is not possible. We are inventing codes so as we can speak to each other without the Jews monitoring us.

And we are now simply too big to shut down.

The future is already happening.

You are witness to it.

From here on out, things can only get funnier.

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