Breitbart’s Style Guide Instructs “Chinese Coronavirus” be Used to Describe Coronavirus

If you search for the term “Chinese coronavirus,” you get 42,000 results.

No doubt there are not actually 42,000 articles containing this term, and many are repeats, but there sure are a lot of articles containing this term.

In actual fact, every article containing any mention of the coronavirus on uses this term, which has clearly been inserted into the site’s style guide as the official terminology used to describe the virus.

If Breitbart cared about facts, they would be attacking the lockdown and the politicians responsible for it. Instead, they are so obsessed with China that they are pretending that the virus is deadly, and pushing a war with China as the solution.

Xi Jinping never locked me in my house.

China may or may not be a looming threat to America. I tend to think this threat is widely exaggerated by the media, but whatever – who knows. What we do know is that the immediate threat, which is right in all of our faces, is not China but the US federal government.

  • China did not lock us all in our houses.
  • China did not strip us of our Constitutional rights.
  • China did not collapse our economy.
  • China did not take away our jobs.
  • Chinese cops are not attacking us on the streets.
  • China is not talking about releasing the military onto the streets to force vaccinate us.

In fact, aside from the frankly stupid claim that China purposefully spread the coronavirus, all of the alleged problems caused by China, if I am to believe the television, have nothing at all to do with me, my country or anyone I know.

According to the media, the reasons China is bad are all things that I do not care about in any way.

  • China is abusing Moslems.
  • China is abusing black Africans.
  • China is taking democracy from Hong Kong.
  • China is controlling the South China Sea.
  • China is threatening Taiwanese independence.

Frankly, these issues wouldn’t matter to me if everything was fine in my country. When the government has destroyed the economy on purpose and created a massive and brutal new police state, I think that people telling me I should care about this crap are traitors and enemies of the people.

Whether the coronavirus came from China or not doesn’t really mean anything. I have a very, very difficult time believing that it originated from China, given that it is now blatantly clear that the US government had this entire program ready to roll out and would not have left the trigger up to the actions of a foreign country. It seems to me that it has to have been released in China by the US government, and then someone dropped a hint to them to develop a test for the virus. But it does not really matter.

The Chinese cops never gang-attacked mothers in the New York subway.

The virus is not harmful. It only kills old people and the chronically ill. The response has been insane and has had nothing at all to do with public health and everything to do with establishing a new social order in the Western world, one based on total poverty for all but the ultra-wealthy and brutal police state control over the masses of poverty-stricken plebs.

The threat to our lives is coming from the US government. Period. They are the ones we need to be addressing. If we are able to take back control of our country and restore the freedoms and rights of the people, we can then work on rebuilding the economy. Once everyone in the country has a job again, then we can talk about how much it matters to us that the Chinese are not giving enough democracy to Hong Kong. If at that time polls show that a significant portion of the public cares about Hong Kong democracy, then I will be in full support of the US State Department sending an angry letter to the Chinese about how bad we think it is that they’re not giving the Hong Kongese enough democracy.

However, until these very immediate problems relating to the collapse of America are solved, I will consider anyone who attempts to redirect American anger over this situation towards China and away from those responsible as a shill and a traitor.