Breitbart’s Nolte: Get Vaxed to Own the Libs, Libs are Trying to Trick You to Avoid the Vax

John Nolte has an ultra cuck face.

This is real, non-satire published by Breitbart editor John Nolte:

The organized left is deliberately putting unvaccinated Trump supporters in an impossible position where they can either NOT get a life-saving vaccine or CAN feel like cucks caving to the ugliest, smuggest bullies in the world.

In other words, I sincerely believe the organized left is doing everything in its power to convince Trump supporters NOT to get the life-saving Trump vaccine.

I’m sorry, but people willing to drone strike seven children and who are eager to unleash terrorists like Antifa and Black Lives Matter into our cities are sociopaths. The left’s morality is guided only by that which furthers their fascist agenda, and so using reverse psychology to trick Trump supporters NOT to get a life-saving vaccine is, to them, a moral good. The more of us who die, the better.

Nolte refers to the deadly vax as the “Trump Vaccine” and claims that the anti-vaxers on Twitter are secret leftists trying to convince conservatives not to get vaxed so that they will die of the deadly virus he claims exists.

I’m not one to accuse others of being “paranoid,” so I will just go ahead and accuse this man of being outright insane.

“Paranoia” generally implies taking certain threads of logical possibility too far, to the point where it becomes absurd. For example, the government has the ability and the resources to spy on everything someone does. If a person is right wing, they potentially have the motivation to spy on them. But if a person takes that to its possible potential conclusion, and believes that the government has an army of people stalking him, that person is paranoid.

Clearly, the left has the ability to gaslight people and a desire for right-wingers to die, so the idea that they would engage in a campaign to trick people into not taking a life-saving medicine could be paranoia. But in order to get to the initial paranoid thought train, you would have to mix and match all types of conflicting trains of thought.

Firstly, you’d have to accept the leftist campaign to claim that the vax is safe and that everyone needs it. You would then have to dismiss the entire framework of control the left has built up around the vax as coincidental. You would have to disregard all of the (typically right-wing) medical arguments against the vax as wrong or part of a conspiracy. You would also have to dismiss all of the data showing that the vax is harmful and does not even work as a left-wing conspiracy. Fauci being a liar would also have to be a leftist conspiracy. You would have to do all of that as a prerequisite to the paranoid theory of the left using a fakeout to make you not take the vaccine by forcing you to take the vaccine, and then also assume that they’re not really going to force anyone to take the vaccine (because actually, they don’t want them to take it).

It can only be described as “insane.”

Furthermore, I don’t even think he’s a shill. I’ve read Nolte’s garbage for years, and have no reason to believe he is anything other than a very earnest moron, who believes in all of the dumbest tenets of cuckservatism.

He has gone insane.

This appears to be happening to a lot of people who have become incapable of dealing with the sheer scope of the hoax we are suffering under. It’s really a huge thing. To really understand what is happening, you have to be capable of looking directly into the eyes of the Beast, and not blinking. Most people cannot do that, so they have to come up with all of these various explanations.

The core hoax is so simple – that they just rebranded the flu as a new virus – that in order to avoid it, you must necessarily do all sorts of gymnastics. People come up with different gymnastics based on their own temperament, background and level of intelligence.

Honestly, “the vaccine is actually good and the Demon-rats are trying to trick us into not taking it” is one I’m surprised I haven’t seen yet. But I guess if you’re going to go that far, you might as well just say that the Democrats are good (or at least not that bad) and are just trying to help humanity (which is something we’ve seen several right-wingers allege). But of course, Nolte can’t do that.

The claim that Covid is real and is a genetically-engineered bioweapon is pretty much also insane. It goes beyond paranoia as well in that it forces you to make things up whole cloth.

There are two non-insane responses:

  • Understanding the Hoax Watch version of events, which includes all facts, holistically, and
  • Just saying “this is all bullshit and I’m not taking the damn shot”

Every other response veers into delusion and madness.

You might think it’s too much to say “everyone who doesn’t agree with me has gone insane.” But I’m not fully saying that.

Firstly, there are many, many people now coming to the conclusion that there is no new virus. As more facts come to light, my initial assertion from a year and a half ago becomes more and more obvious. If you go anywhere that people are allowed to speak freely, you will find that more and more, people are reaching the conclusion that there is no new virus, the alleged “coronavirus” is just a rebranding of the flu, the cold, and other respiratory viruses, with a death toll vastly expanded by laundering deaths from heart attacks and other obesity-related diseases, as well as cancer and whatever else.

Furthermore, there are plenty of people who don’t know the details, but have accepted they don’t know the details, and just tuned out of the whole thing.

The insanity comes in when people feel as though they need to have an internally coherent explanation, but are unwilling to accept the basic facts. That requires them to build a false construct, which must necessarily continue to expand to make room for the initial falsehoods.

Please understand: I feel for people. It is indeed difficult to wrap your head around a lie this massive. But you are either going to do it or not. Your ability to do it is going to be based largely on the decisions you’ve made in the past as regards to your quest for the truth of things. If you’ve told yourself a lot of comforting lies in the past, you will tell yourself such lies now.

The only way that you will ever know the full truth is through Jesus Christ. It is from Him that all Truth emerges, and without Him, you will always be stuck on something.

If you’re confused about anything, that’s where you need to start.

Humble yourself before Him.