Breitbart Pumping Up Pompeo Russia Gibberish

The scope of the media continues to narrow. Along with mass censorship of conservative and right-wing publications and personalities, we also see that the voices that have not yet been censored are changing their message, bringing it in line with the mainstream Jewish message.

It’s not always clear if this is primarily due t0 subversion or due to a chilling effect (I recently elaborated on the latter in some detail). It’s some combination of both.

With Breitbart, however, subversion is clearly the main factor. Over the last four years, I have watched this site go from being basically pretty good under the Irish drunk Steve Bannon, to being completely taken over by Jews and becoming totally irrelevant.

It is truly amazing how far Breitbart has fallen.

Even I am capable of being surprised, as I was Monday when I visited the site to find their “most popular” column looking like this:

Their number one most popular story is about the Russian hacking hoax being shilled by the neocon maniac and suspected satanic pedophile and cannibal Mike Pompeo.

I thought: “no, surely, this must be an article debunking it…”

But I clicked the article and found this:

That’s all.

Just a clip of Pompeo making the outrageous claim, and two paragraphs recording what he said.

There is no other article on the site about the Russian hacking lies, despite the fact that this was the top story over the weekend.

It appears that Breitbart is not only too cowardly to oppose this hoax, but they are also too cowardly to endorse it, so they just say: “well, here’s a thing a guy said about a thing.”

This is after Breitbart spent years fighting back against the Russian hacking hoax that was used to discredit Donald Trump. All of a sudden there’s a new Russian hacking hoax, and we’re supposed to believe it’s real this time.

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Apparently, the reason the story is appearing in their “most popular” column is that there is a heated debate going on in the comments section, where baby boomers are making each other stupider, with stupid comments.

However, frankly, the top comments were not too bad:

You will find a few woke boomers, but for the most part: the best boomers are blaming China, while the worst boomers are saying that actually, Russia really is a threat to America.

What none of the boomers are saying is this: the only threats to America that anyone should be talking about are inside of our own borders, and anyone attempting to redirect our attention to some foreign issue is a traitor.

Here is an abridged list of the problems facing the American people:

  • A stolen election
  • Total economic collapse, involving a total destruction of the middle class
  • Complete abolishment of all basic constitutional freedoms
  • Trannies
  • Child trannies
  • Tranny story time
  • Mass immigration
  • Epidemic of drug overdoses
  • A black communist movement rising
  • A collapsing birthrate
  • Women

And these people want to talk about the fishing rights of the Vietnamese?

They want to talk about the territorial integrity of the Ukraine?

Even if the Vietnamese fishing rights crisis, the Islamic human rights crisis, the Antifa riot rights crisis, and all of these other alleged rights crises being created by the Chinese government are exactly what the media says they are, surely, we have bigger problems to deal with.

Surely. Surely. Surely.

How is it possible that these boomers are this easy to distract?

It is like jangling keys in front of an infant!

There is only one solution here, frankly.