Breitbart Pretends to be Retarded, Implies Communist Revolution is Just Partisan Politics

The primary problem with the current right-wing is that we collectively abandoned what was always the root of the right-wing and conservative movement: Christianity. We accepted the idea that politics should be secular. We then allowed Jews to become involved.

Aside from the obvious moral problems relating to Christians working with Jews, we must recognize that Jews are fundamentally drawn to liberalism. They invented communism. They transformed our university system into a communist cesspit. They currently run virtually every leftist movement. They were behind female liberation, black liberation, homosexual liberation and mass immigration.

The right-wing is associated with tradition, and that should explicitly mean Christianity. No Jew can ever tolerate Christianity. If he could, he wouldn’t be Jewish. He would have to denounce his tribe as the killers of Christ, and repent. If the policy in the right-wing was that any Jew who wants to be involved has to denounce the Jews as a satanic cult, you’d have close to zero Jews involved at all.

Ben Shapiro certainly wouldn’t agree to that. When he was on Joe Rogan last year, he falsely claimed that Jesus was Jewish, which is blasphemy, then bragged about killing Him and said He deserved it.

When Jews join right-wing movements, they do so either to push the right leftward, or to simply commit sabotage. As a third thing, they use the right to push the Israeli agenda. That’s all. That’s the Jewish agenda. You all know that Jared Kushner is at the very root of the problems in the Trump Administration. He is pushing the Jewish agenda. It is always bad to have Jews, and we need to get them out.

Breitbart used to be an okay publication. Right now, it is almost totally useless as any kind of serious publication with any kind of serious agenda. This is entirely due to the fact that it has been taken over by the Jews.

One of the site’s top Jews is Joel Pollak, who serves as senior editor-at-large. Pollak told the Times of Israel that he became a conservative when he was 30 years old, in 2007, having returned from living in Israel. Before becoming a conservative at 30, he says he was involved in groups that “were the forebears of today’s Antifa or Occupy movement.”

Joel Pollak, left, with fellow Jew Larry King

Sure, people tend to be leftish when they’re younger, it’s normal. It sure is weird to wait until 30 to turn it around though. It certainly looks like after spending time in Israel, he decided that he could serve the Jewish agenda well by infiltrating the conservative movement and using it to push his Jewish agenda.

Pollak writes a lot of stuff for Breitbart that is just whatever – “BREAKING: Snowflake Triggered by X, violates own principles afterward, found to have tweeted a gay slur in 2007.” It’s fine.

However, there is now something much darker going on with the conservative media. They are showing themselves to be completely unwilling to do anything about anything. In the face of the biggest crisis in this country since the Civil War, the people who are supposed to keep conservatives informed are pretending to be retarded.

In response to the recent hoopla over Trump’s visit to Mount Rushmore, Pollak wrote an article noting that when Barack Obama visited the place, the media said it was good.

The article is just a short little thing, based around a tweet posted by someone who had dug up a 2008 transcript from CNN about Obama’s visit to the monument.

However, within this microcosm we can see the larger trend of the 2020 conservative media at work. The reason Trump is being attacked over Mount Rushmore is not that he’s a Republican. CNN didn’t attack George W. Bush when he visited Mount Rushmore. The reason for the attacks is that the entire culture has been transformed, in total, and they are attempting to push it further. We are as far from 2008 as 2008 is from Ancient Rome.

This crisis – the cultural revolution – goes beyond partisan politics in the way that tripping and falling off a cliff goes beyond forgetting to tie your shoes.

Saying “oh they didn’t do it to Obama, but now they’re after Trump – the media is just a bunch of DEMON-rats!” utterly trivializes what is happening right now. This Jew is putting the horrifying fact that the entirety of the American establishment is now calling for the destruction of the nation’s most iconic work of art in the same context as “Obama was always goin’ off and playin’ golf, and that CNN ain’t never said nothin’, but My President Trump goes out for 9 holes on a Sunday and these Democrats talk about it for a month!”

This is what Breitbart is doing, it’s what Fox News (save Tucker Carlson) is doing, it’s what the New York Post, National Review and every single other conservative publication is doing. It’s what all of the Trump supporting Twitter personalities like Jack Posobiec and Paul Joseph Watson are doing.

They’re all giggling at snowflakes. I’ve talked a lot about the fact that the Republicans are refusing to do anything about this revolution, but the reason they’re able to get away with it is that the conservative media is not telling people what these events unfolding before our eyes actually mean.

What is happening here is without precedent. We are facing a situation that can only be compared to the Bolshevik revolution. We have left the realm of partisan politics and entered into a whole other plane of existence. We are not in a situation where a Democrat will win, then we say, “darn! Oh well, we’ll get another shot in four years.”

There isn’t going to be a chance in four years. If Democrats win this election, they are going to grant citizenship to between 20 and 50 million illegal Mexican immigrants currently residing in the United States. That will mean that it will be impossible, forever, for any Republican to ever win national office again. Period. That’s it. Game over.

After they’ve established themselves as a one-party government, they’re going to start killing us. This is not a joke, it’s not hysteria, it is simply a matter of fact: they are going to begin slaughtering white people. This roving mob of colored people is going to go into the suburbs at night, and the police will not stop them. They are going to go into people’s houses to loot and to rape, and when they are done looting and raping, they’re going to kill everyone in the house. The police will not come. The murders will not be investigated.

People that you know are going to die. And if you try to talk about it after it’s happened, you will be arrested for “hate speech.” The media will deny that it is happening, while at the same time saying that it is justified, because of racism. This is real life. Everyone needs to wake up and get ahold of themselves and understand that this is happening.

I was for weeks the only person saying this. Scott Adams recently said it. Tucker Carlson has hinted at it, and no doubt will say it plainly soon. But there are people who know this. It is clear as day, when you look at what is going on. Yet, the media isn’t saying it, the Republicans are not saying it. Instead, these people are acting like Trump is going to win.

We are not losing fairly. Donald Trump’s victory in 2016 was the biggest political win in modern American history. We controlled all branches of government. The Republicans purposefully sabotaged their own party. They are still doing that. This is all a massive setup. The Jews who involved themselves in conservative politics after we gave up our Christian identity are making their move now to sink us from within.

It may still be possible for Trump to win. We need to do whatever we can to try to make that happen. As we are doing that, however, each one of us needs to be preparing for the worst.