Breitbart’s Trump Sycophancy and Lack of Seriousness Isn’t Helping Anyone

Say what you want about Steve Bannon. I will say a lot about him. Especially about that thing where he went out in a boat with a Chinese billionaire fugitive and declared that he’s going to bring down the Chinese government and install the billionaire as democracy lord.

Guo Wengui fled China in 2014 after “having a falling out” with the CCP, and was charged with corruption, bribery and money laundering, etc. Despite being a member of the communist party for his entire life, he now wants to do democracy, which is why he was on this boat with Steve Bannon in the harbor in front of the statue of liberty.

I watched the stream when it happened, but I can now only find this clip of it on YouTube, where Guo signs a document in blood, I think saying that it makes him ruler of China.

They have their own new flag for China and they flew planes around the Statue of Liberty that had banners reading “Congratulations to Federal State of New China.”

I’m not sure that congratulations are in order, but yes: Steve Bannon is literally trying to create a new government for China, and despite the fact that this is goofy and hilarious, he can’t even get any single media to cover it. The only report I can find was in local New Jersey media and was about people asking about these planes flying around the statue. They had eight planes with this sign.

The man has gone completely insane.

What he is trying to do is get back the rush of winning the election with Donald Trump. Since he got kicked out of the White House, he’s gone to all these different places in Europe trying to help politicians, and gotten turned away. So now he’s going for the big one: overthrowing the Chinese government and installing his own government.

But what I want to say is this: Breitbart was a fun site when he was in charge, and it no longer is a fun site. It is a boring site that just does the same thing over and over again.

In particular, you will find two main brands of article: the “haha, you’re not even really that liberal, look, you violated your own principles!” and the “actually, we’re much more liberal than you, in fact.”

These are the two main versions of “owning the libs” which you will find all over the MAGAsphere these days. For me, it’s very difficult to see, as I’m old enough to remember when MAGA was about rounding up and deporting tens of millions of people and building a wall with Mexico.

I’m just going to pull a few examples of these two types from the front page at time of writing, you’ll get the thing and then be able to see it forever.

Type One: Not as Liberal as You Claim

“Antifa City has a border, even though Antifa is against borders.”

“Nancy Pelosi has security guards, even though she’s against the cops.”

“Antifa isn’t respectful enough to black people.”

Type Two: We’re More Liberal Than You

“Trump’s military is feminist.”

“Donald Trump is really respectful of black people.”

“We only want cops so we can help the blacks.”

“We’re on the same side as Trayvon Martin’s mother, whose opinion is really important to us.”

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What these gimmicks do is let the idiots who read this tripe feel as though they are “scoring points” against the enemy.

I’m not saying that these things shouldn’t be pointed out. It’s fine to do that. It’s just that this is all they do. They don’t actually promote anything. If they were actually promoting a belief in something, they would be more critical of Trump, and be pressing him in the way that Tucker Carlson criticizes and presses him.

But because they’ve decided to just be blindly supportive of Trump, the only thing they can do is turn it into a game, where it’s all about winning points. But the points are imaginary, and there is no scoreboard, and the entire world is on fire while these people are reading this stuff and saying “hehehe, we got ’em again.”

You didn’t get them. Our team is losing. We are losing pretty much as badly as anyone can possibly lose. We have literally won almost nothing. Things are getting progressively worse under Trump, and the only thing that anyone can say is that they would be getting worse faster under Hillary or Biden. That is true, but it’s a very low standard.

I’m still not against Trump. I think what he did in 2016 was so monumental that there isn’t really anything he could ever do to erase that. I also think he’s a good person who loves America. But he is also ego-driven and kind of acts like a teenager. No real support base was ever built for the Trump agenda, so the void was filled by the likes of Charlie Kirk and this new Breitbart, which basically takes cues from Charlie Kirk.

What these people did was cannibalize certain of Trump’s aesthetics from 2016, and started exclusively applying that to their own agenda. The content is completely different, but clearly, most people cannot see that. You end up with stuff like “oh you don’t support Israel? What a cuck. Are you triggered by my Israeli flag, snowflake?”

I went over some similar ground in my recent review of a zoomer lad’s YouTube video criticizing the current state of the GOP, so read that if you missed it. I want everyone to understand the basic dynamics of what is happening here with the so-called conservative movement. The entire Trump agenda of 2016 is being turned inside out.

This path is going to lead to Dan Crenshaw being the face of the Republican Party.

Does it trigger you when I say Israel created America, snowflake? 

So, looking at it from that angle, by refusing to hold Trump’s feet to the fire and push actual ideas, they are betraying him. Sycophancy doesn’t do anything for anyone. There is a way to criticize Trump without being openly opposed to him.

I know I called him “President Faggot” yesterday, but look – I know that people from Trump’s camp are reading the site, and I want to make it loud and clear how angry I am that Trump is bowing to these blacks like this. I think I speak for all of the millions of monthly readers when I articulate my disgust with Trump showing his belly to the rioting mob. It was a bad, bad move.

I still want the best for him. I want him to succeed however he can, because he is the president of my country. If I celebrate dumb frivolities with “hehehe, owned the libs,” then what exactly am I doing? That would just be wasting my time and that of the reader.

This is not a game. This is all life or death. These blacks are like the hordes of Mordor. They want to turn your sons into trannies and your daughters into race-mixing whores. Ultimately, they want us all dead. There’s a time for giggling or feeling smug, but when giggles and smugness bury whatever agenda you had, you’ve lost the plot.

Breitbart has lost the plot to the same degree as Steve Bannon, who is out on a boat declaring that he is the official advisor for the Chinese democracy government in exile and flying planes around congratulating himself.

All That Having Been Said

I do sometimes wonder if I’m too critical of Trump.

I keep thinking that I can be critical of him and then say “yeah, but seriously – go vote for him in November.”

Then I see comments like this on the Gamer Uprising forum (where my articles are reposted):

Claiming that… this is a personal matter? That we need to not vote for Trump in order to punish him as a person?

That makes me want to just spend the months until the election doing nothing at all but shilling for Trump, saying that he’s right to honor Juneteeth because it is part of a 4D chess game to free children from a pedophile tunnel.

This cannot become personal, and if you’re confused about whether things would be worse under Biden than they are under Trump then you just need to do whatever I tell you to do and not think too hard about anything, probably ever again.

If Trump doesn’t win, absolute hell is going to break loose. They are going to stack the Supreme Court and use that to do mass gun-grabs and shove through hate speech laws. They will use the NSA spying apparatus that already exists for criminal prosecution of “racists.” They will literally take your kids from you and inject them with tranny hormones. They will pass all kinds of amnesty, not just for DACA, but for every immigrant here and they will open the floodgates. They will let black gangs take over and run cities while the cops exist only to police whites. They will ensure it is impossible for another Republican to ever get elected.

If your answer to that is “yeah but I’m really mad at Trump tho,” then please God, just trust me. It will be worth your time to go vote.

Right now, there is a path forward, wherein Tucker Carlson wins the election in 2024 and he invents some kind of scheme to partition the country and get these people the hell out.

Looking at the future, I feel like Dr. Strange in Infinity War.

But it is possible this could all work out without everything burning to the ground. The chances are extremely slim. A prerequisite for that is Trump winning this election. If he loses, then this is just going to be hell on earth for decades, and the best we will be able to hope for is to become a vassal state of China – after a severe period of bloodletting.

We need to think strategically. We need to have a strategic white racial agenda. This is a turning point for civilization, it is not a time for babyism.